Complete Guide To Creating Custom Business Flyers – Part 2

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Complete Guide To Creating Custom Business Flyers - part 2 | PrintMagic

There is no doubt that business Flyers are some of the most important print marketing materials needed for small or large brands. They are not just versatile and easy to create, but also cost-effective in the long run as they have a wide reach.

Every business owner can now create their custom Flyers that are impressive and work as a great marketing tool. With the use of available online tools and Flyer printing services, along with some basic ideas on how to make engaging advertising Flyers, you can make amazing print materials.

In this blog, we talk further about finding your business Flyer design and concept. To read the previous blog, have a look at Complete Guide To Creating Custom Business Flyers – Part 1.

Our blog is split into 4 parts and will cover –

2. What is your custom club Flyers design concept?

Now that you’ve figured out your custom club Flyer marketing strategy, you can move on to understanding your actual design concept. Having this decision made early on will make the actual designing process to customize Flyers extremely simple and straightforward!

Color choices –

Color choices largely depend on what best represents your brand or area of business. Whether you choose bold and bright colors or subtler ones for your advertising Flyers, they need to work with your brand identity, industry, as well as your target audience. Also, think about the Flyer paper as some colors may not work well with the paper stock choice. Certain colors also denote specific meanings understood universally. For instance, greens and blues are generally associated with health and wellbeing, so if you are in the Medical industry those can suit your Healthcare print materials.

Brand identity elements –

Make sure to retain important brand elements in your business Flyer so your audience can instantly recognize who it is from. Think about the elements that should absolutely be printed on the Flyers for business such as your logo, tagline, business name, website, and contact details. Whatever the message you want to print on the advertising Flyer, always ensure it represents your business well.

Imagery –

Imagery includes pictures, graphs, cartoons, sketches, and more that can pictorially help you explain your message. Always use high-quality imagery as it is printed vividly on your advertising Flyers. You should also decide on whether you want to use stock images or get original photography done for your print materials, as your budget allows.

Text and messaging –

Using the key message you identified earlier, think about the text or copy you want to add to your custom Flyer. Ensure you find the perfect layout for your text and create a typographical hierarchy to highlight important text sections.

Call to Action –

Thinking about the result you identified for your campaign, customize Flyers with a Call to Action to help push the customer or prospect towards taking the next step of making a purchase. Make sure you are very clear about the CTA in your Flyers for business and the message is straightforward so there is no scope for guesswork.

Know more about designing custom Flyers for your business by reading the next part of this blog – Complete Guide To Creating Custom Business Flyers – Part 3.

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