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Rack Cards

Custom Rack Cards

  • 4 durable paper with UV, Matte coating options
  • Starting quantity at 25 pcs, fast turnaround
  • Great value for money with High ROI
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Rack Cards

Spot UV Rack Cards

  • Spot UV in full color to highlight brand, message
  • Printed on thick and sturdy 16 pt. cardstock
  • Spot UV on 1 or 2 sides, in 2 popular sizes
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Rack Cards

Brown Kraft Rack Cards

  • Vintage-looking Natural Brown paper
  • Strong thick paper of 18pt
  • 2 side full-color printing options
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Rack Cards

Pearl Metallic Rack Cards

  • Pearl Metallic Stock with a luxurious feel
  • Ideal for Advertising and Promotions
  • Available in 2 popular sizes
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Rack Cards

Akuafoil Rack Cards

  • Unlimited Metallic CMYK Colors
  • Inline Foil with Glossy UV
  • Rack Card Design Services available

Premium Rack Cards To Grab Attention

Rack Cards are cost-effective promotional pieces that help get the attention of new potential customers. With their versatility, Rack Card Printing has made it much easier and accessible for businesses to reach out to their target customers and promote their products, no matter which industry they are in. These small yet powerful marketing tools should be designed keeping in mind that their Call To Action is clear and presented boldly.

It is mostly aimed at people walking by or in waiting areas, so you need to ensure they are enticing, have engaging content and imagery and can get the attention of people with ease. The goal is to get interested people such as tourists and customers to pick up your card and respond to its Call To Action. The CTA could be anything, from visiting your store, signing up on your website for a newsletter, visiting a restaurant for a discount, calling for tourism services, and much more!

Rack Card Printing is a great way to convey your message and portray the exact design and concept you were looking for. Using your custom designs helps set you apart and not let you seem run of the mill. Order Rack Cards to show the effort and time you put into designing something unique and attractive as it can be a great way to increase your marketing progress.

Custom Rack Card Printing

When you choose Print Magic for creating custom products, you get to pick from several options that can help you completely personalize your marketing material with any custom design or layout you want. Though most Rack Cards Online are printed vertically as that's how they are displayed in racks, you can also print them in a horizontal orientation if that better suits your design.

  • Choose from Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S and Standard Cardstock - 14 pt. C2S paper stock options that provide a shiny or textured effect.
  • UV coating provides a high-gloss look and adds durability to the product.
  • Enhance your message with the contrasting effect of Spot UV and Matte coating.
  • We provide Spot UV to help make your design or logo pop from the rest of the card and set it apart.
  • Rack Card Printing for vibrant and fade-resistant results.

While Printable Rack Cards are straightforward in their design and construction, they are extremely versatile as they can be used for many different purposes. No matter which industry, they are a successful marketing tool to target new customers. Get a quick turn around time for fast delivery and order a small or large amount of rack cards as per your requirements.

Premium Printing Services at Print Magic

  • Custom Rack Cards - These are a great way to get new customers and are usually geared towards foot traffic, which means they need to instantly grab attention. With Print Magic, get Rack Cards Online that look great and show off your promotional message the right way. Choose from ample personalization options to create a Rack Card that is unique and matches your brand’s identity.
  • Spot UV Rack Cards - Let your Rack Card stand out from the rest with a Spot UV effect that helps in highlighting the design printed on the card. Spot UV refers to a UV coating applied to only certain areas of your Printable Rack Cards, allowing it to have depth and contrast. Choose from Full-Color printing options with Matte or Spot UV coating, and Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock options to provide a great tactile experience and luxurious look
  • Brown Kraft Rack Cards - Rack cards have one of the most impactful and popular choices for low-cost commercial marketing at large gatherings. Choose the standard-sized Brown Kraft Rack cards with thick paper stock of 18 pt which makes it very strong and durable.

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4.8 Stars | 33 Reviews