Layout Templates

PrintMagic offers you over 200 free printing templates that help you to create your print-ready artwork easily. These printable templates are designed in multiple graphic design software program formats such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, and Adobe InDesign.

PrintMagic’s Free Print downloadable Templates are specially designed to help you with providing guidelines on the various aspects of the artwork like dimensions, layout, zones (Bleed, Trim, Safety) and border requirements (foldable products).

You can easily search for your template by product category. Select the print template in the required file format for the product you would want to design your artwork. Download the print template based on your requirements of size, orientation, folds as applicable. Create your design based on the guidelines provided in these templates and have them submitted along with your order. It’s as simple and easy as that. Each of our Print Template is specially and designed by our design experts with guidelines and details to ensure that you can design your artwork as per specifications to ensure you get your final print product is without glitches.

If you need any further assistance, we would be glad to help, send us your queries by email: Alternatively, you can check our FAQ’s for quick help.