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Hang Tags

Regular Hang Tags

  • Glossy paper with Premium coating options
  • Get square or rounded corners
  • Used for clothing, accessories, vehicles, packaging
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Hang Tags

Rounded Corner Hang Tags

  • 1/8” or 1/4” Rounded Corner radius
  • Print square and rectangular shape Hang Tags
  • Add necessary brand and pricing details on products

Premium Hang Tags

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Hang Tags

Foil Hang Tags

  • Red, black, copper, gold foil colors, and more
  • Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock with silk lamination
  • Spot UV coating for a premium look
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Hang Tags

Brown Kraft Hang Tags

  • Eco-friendly paper stock for low environmental impact
  • Light, brown, rustic looking product
  • Unique and effective packaging
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Hang Tags

Raised Spot UV Hang Tags

  • Elevated feel with an embossed finish
  • Highlight specific areas of your design
  • Advance your marketing and branding efforts
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Hang Tags

Velvet Soft Touch Hang Tags

  • Smooth to touch paper stock
  • Get rounded corners for your product
  • Square and rectangle shapes available
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Hang Tags

Pearl Metallic Hang Tags

  • Pearl fibers embedded in the paper stock
  • Used as jewelry and accessory Hang Tags
  • Rich, luminous effect that is attractive
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Hang Tags

Akuafoil Hang Tags

  • Add a metallic printing effect
  • Choose from UV or Spot UV coating
  • Sizes ranging from 1.5” x 3.5” to 3.5 ” x 3.5”
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Hang Tags

Plastic Hang Tags

  • Extremely durable and long-lasting Hang Tags
  • Choose from white or frosted plastic material
  • Add 1/4” or 1/8” Rounded Corner
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Hang Tags

Silk Hang Tags

  • Share comprehensive brand and product details
  • Captivating printing quality
  • Used as clothing Tags and garment Tags
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Hang Tags

Spot UV Hang Tags

  • Premium coating option to highlight special elements
  • Makes the product durable and long-lasting
  • A shiny and glossy paper surface
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Hang Tags

Ultra Thick Hang Tags

  • Ultra-thick uncoated paper stock provides durability.
  • Ideal for Apparels and premium brand tags.
  • Fade-resistant, Full-color CMYK printing
  • Black-color core fixed between 2 layers

Standard Bottle Neck Hang Tags

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Hang Tags

Bottle Neck Hang Tags

  • 2.125” x 5” Hang Tag standard size
  • Customizable packaging for bottled products
  • Popularly used as Wine Hang Tags

Premium Bottle Neck Hang Tags

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Hang Tags

Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags

  • Create eye-catching and attractive products
  • Choose from six Foil colors
  • Add Spot UV coating to further enhance your design
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Hang Tags

Bottle Neck Pearl Metallic Hang Tags

  • Shimmery paper stock that looks elegant
  • Come with a Standard 1.25” Die Cut hole
  • Used on wine bottles as Gift Tags
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Hang Tags

Bottle Neck Silk Hang Tags

  • Smooth and shiny surface for printing
  • Standard 1.25” Bottle Necker Die Cut hole
  • Elegant Silk lamination and Spot UV coating
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Hang Tags

Bottle Neck Velvet Soft Touch Hang Tags

  • 2.125” x 5” size for Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock
  • Velvet Soft Touch lamination adds a premium element
  • Comes with a Standard Bottle Necker Die Cut
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Hang Tags

Bottle Neck Akuafoil Hang Tags

  • Turn CMYK colors into sparkling foil
  • Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S or Thick Cardstock - 18 pt. C1S paper stock
  • Add a dazzling effect to Hang Tag Printing

Custom Hang Tag Printing For Expert Product Branding

Get Hang Tag Printingd the finishing touch to your product packaging and make it ready for sale. Custom Hang Tags versatile printing option for businesses to showcase their brand information, pricing, product details, and more, without having to print them on the product itself. Create a neat and elegant final look for your product, no matter how small or big, with well printed Personalized Hang Tags

Great things come in small packages - there’s no better way to describe the positive effects of Hang Tag Printing on your business! Leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating the perfect product for the market and Customized Hang Tags are a great way to do so. Add promotional and informational content on your Hang Tags to ensure you leverage their bountiful benefits. Not only are these small size products cost-effective to print, but they also offer enough space to print required details with double-sided printing.

Customized Hang Tags With Premium Printing Options

Hang Tag Printing allows businesses to expertly brand any kind of product and makes it ready for the market. They help serve several roles by being promotional as well as informational products for your brand! Use them for clothing, accessories, food, packaging, beverages, and more, as these versatile products can be molded for several purposes.

Print Magic offers various personalization options for Custom Hang Tag Printing in small to large sizes. Whether you want to use them as Price Hang Tags, Sales Hang Tags, Retail Hang Tags, or Gift Hang Tags, we offer several Standard Cardstock - 14 pt. C2S and Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock options to ensure they make your product stand out! Add durable and lasting coating in Glossy or Matte variants to ensure your design is printed in the best possible quality. You can also choose from rectangular and square Hang Tags with rounded corners as well as a 1/8” Standard Drill Hole to add a string or fastener. When you Order Hang Tags from Print Magic, get free proofing services for error-free printing and a great turnaround time to get your products shipped fast.

Print Magic Hang Tags Printing Services

  • Regular Hang Tags - Print Hang Tags for your business as a way to complete your product packaging and get your brand noticed by consumers!
  • Rounded Corner Hang Tags - Get Hang Tag Printing with rounded corners to create a promotional print product with smooth edges.
  • Ultra Thick Hang Tags - Distinct Black Edge Hang Tags with premium Ultra thick paper is best as premium promotional giveaways.
  • Spot UV Hang Tags - Add shine and durability to your Personalized Hang Tags with Spot UV that is perfect for highlighting specific areas of your design.
  • Brown Kraft Hang Tags - Print eco-friendly Customized Hang Tags that are made from 30% recycled materials as this paper adds a natural and rustic look to your product packaging.
  • Bottle Neck Hang Tags - Decorate your beverage bottle, whether it is wine, beer, or water with a perfectly printed Hang Tag that conveys your brand’s messaging.
  • Bottle Neck Silk Hangs Tags - Print Personalized Hang Tags on silky smooth paper stock that emulates the feel of silk fabric, resulting in beautiful and elegant looking marketing materials for your bottled products.
  • Foil Hang Tags - Add a shiny factor to your overall Hang Tag Printing with Foil that looks instantly attractive and gets attention to your design or promotion.
  • Raised Spot UV Hang Tags - Print Hang Tags with a tactile advantage and highlight specific areas with a raised surface.
  • Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags - Upgrade your Bottle Neckers with a metallic element that is the perfect way to catch the attention of customers!
  • Silk Hang Tags - Get amazing printing with Silk lamination that enhances the way you present your brand to the public.
  • Pearl Metallic Hang Tags - Shimmery and iridescent paper stock that is the best way to create Custom Hang Tags that stand out.
  • Bottle Neck Pearl Metallic Hang Tags - Adorn your beverage bottles with Custom hang Tags that fit perfectly and offer a shimmery yet subtle effect.
  • Plastic Hang Tags - Create extremely durable and long-lasting Hang Tags made from plastic material that can also provide alternate uses.
  • Velvet Soft Touch Hang Tags - Print on beautiful looking paper stock that adds a smooth touch to your Custom Hang Tags Printing.
  • Bottle Neck Velvet Soft Touch Hang Tags - Get amazing quality Hang Tags that not just look good but also feel amazing to touch!
  • Akuafoil Hang Tags - Add a radiant look to your Hang Tag Printing and ensure you create products that are instantly noticed due to their foil elements.
  • Bottle Neck Akuafoil Hang Tags - Adorn your beverage bottles with beautiful looking Bottle Neckers that offer attractive metallic printing.


Can I add rounded corners to my Hang Tags?

Yes, at Print Magic you have the option to add all four rounded corners to your Custom Hang Tags. You can choose rounded corners with a 1/8” or 1/4” radius.

What kind of a cut or hole do Bottle Neck Hang Tags come with?

All the Bottle Neck Hang Tags come with a Standard 1.25" Bottle Necker Die Cut hole that offers slight flexibility as it comes with slits around the edges. This allows you to easily slide the Bottle Necker Hang Tags over the top of any long-necked bottle and get a secure hold. Our Bottle Neck Hang Tags are most popularly used as Wine Bottle Hang Tags and are easily used on bottles that are shaped similarly.

Can I order Hang Tags with string from Print Magic?

At this moment we do not offer the inclusion of Hang Tag strings or fasteners with your order. Though, you will get a Standard 1/8” Drill Hole on the Hang Tag on which you can attach a string when needed.

What are some Hang Tag Printing tips and techniques?

Print Hang Tags for your business and promote your products in style! Here are some quick tips to remember when designing and printing your customized product.

  • Paper stock options - Choose from a variety of glossy paper stocks for a shiny look or standard uncoated paper for a cost-effective option that is great for printing on.
  • Full color printing - Print on one or both sides to ensure you use all the space available on the product.
  • Add the right finishes - Adding a coating like UV, Aqueous, or Spot UV enhances the design, while Matte coating has a subdued or non-reflective effect.
  • Always proof your work - A complete once-over is necessary before finalizing anything. Print Magic offers free proofing services to ensure your final product is error-free and perfectly printed!

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4.82 Stars | 97 Reviews