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Table Covers

Table Runner

  • Premium Table Runners & Throws for Events
  • Available in combination with Solid Color Table Covers
  • Scratch-resistant Polyester Fabric
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Table Covers

Solid Color Table Cover

  • Premium Table Covers in 6 solid colors
  • Scratch-resistant polyester fabric 6\' and 8\'
  • Simple, economic perfect for trade shows
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Table Covers

Black Stretch Table Cover

  • Luxurious Black Stretch Table Cover
  • Ideal for Outdoor condition
  • Eye-catching shape
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Table Covers

Stretch Table Cover

  • Eye-catching Stretch Table Covers
  • Ideal for All Events
  • Full Color Custom Dye-Sub Print
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Table Covers

Table Covers

  • Premium Table Covers & Throws for Events
  • High-resolution full color
  • Scratch-resistant Polyester Fabric

Create The Perfect Table Setup With Quality Table Covers

Custom Table Covers with logo or design is a must for any trade show or live event. These Advertising Covers grab the attention of large crowds ensuring the success of your tradeshow, exhibitions, and promotional events in getting visibility and professional branding to the table. PrintMagic offers a choice of 4 types of Custom Table Covers that are versatile, affordable, reusable, and customizable. Choose from a Solid Color Table Cover, Standard Table Cloth, Stretch Table Cover, or the Black Stretch Table Cover.

Choose different styles of Customized Table Covers:

CUSTOM STANDARD TABLE COVERS: 4-Sided Cover (Close back) OR 3-Sided Cover (Open Back)
Custom-printed Table Covers are one of the most popular choices of table covers. The Standard 4-Sided Cover (Close back) covers the entire four (4) sides of the table perfect to store items under the table. The Standard 3-Sided Cover (Open Back) allows leg space and easy access to items underneath for various promotional events. These come with a long-lasting Polyester Table Fabric of 8.8 oz.

SOLID COLOR TABLE COVERS: Four (4) sided table cover for complete coverage that comes with durable 7 oz polyester fabric that is wrinkle-free. It comes as ready-to-use solutions with a choice of austere Single Color options from a range of six (6) vibrant colors White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

STRETCH TABLE COVERS (Custom Fitted Table Covers): A Modern look to Table Covers made of 8.8 oz. Polyester Table Fabric. These 2-way Stretch Tension Fabric are also popular as Spandex table covers that are designed to closely fit the table (snug tight fit). Very appealing and sleek Stretch Table Cover is great choice for an event held at outdoor locations. These come in 2 variants Premium Stretch Table Covers and the Exclusive Black Stretch Table Covers.

Table Covers enhance your branding, are eye-catching and attract large crowds to your tables. Usage includes:

Hotels, Large Banquets, Exhibitions, Presentations, Trade Shows, Wedding & Birthday parties, Event displays, Business meetings, Charity events, Co-op fairs, School, College, or University events, Sporting Events, employees get-togethers, Expos, and conventions, and more.

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