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Trading Cards

Trading Cards

  • Creative and fun branding opportunity
  • Several paper stocks and coating options
  • Create game-based collectibles
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Trading Cards

Spot UV Trading Cards

  • Highlight special elements in your Trading Card design
  • Spot UV adds a durable and long-lasting effect
  • Premium coating option at affordable pricing
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Trading Cards

Velvet Soft Touch Trading Cards

  • Elegant to look at and soft to touch
  • Print Trading Cards for distributing and sharing
  • Can be used for personal or professional use
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Trading Cards

Pearl Metallic Trading Cards

  • Iridescent paper stock that shines in the light
  • Shimmery pearl fibers embedded in the paper
  • Print a premium looking promotional product
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Trading Cards

Silk Trading Cards

  • Beautiful and smooth surface for Trading Cards Printing
  • Silk lamination adds durability
  • Perfect way to create unique promotional products
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Trading Cards

Foil Trading Cards

  • Sparkling metallic effect for Trading Card Printing
  • Enhance your design to create attractive products
  • Premium Gloss and Standard Uncoated paper stock options
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Trading Cards

Brown Kraft Trading Cards

  • Eco-friendly option for printing
  • Rustic looking, light brown paper stock
  • Add a unique look and feel to your Trading Cards
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Trading Cards

Akuafoil Trading Cards

  • Add a special Inline Foil element to your Trading Cards
  • Metallic Foil enhances the design and look
  • Metallic Trading Cards for personal or professional use
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Trading Cards

Waterproof Synthetic Trading Cards

  • Durable, Waterproof, Tearproof Trading Cards
  • Excellent Folding Endurance
  • Fade-resistant, Full-color CMYK printing
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Trading Cards

Ultra Thick Trading Cards

  • Solid First Impressions - Ultra Thick card
  • 3 layered Uncoated paper stock card
  • Fade-resistant, Full-color CMYK printing

Custom Trading Cards For A Creative Branding Opportunity

Attract new customers and fans by printing Custom Trading Cards that are a fun and creative way to promote any brand. Trading Card Printing can be used by companies for several reasons such as sharing product and service information, distributing at trade shows and conferences, or even creating cool giveaway items for sending clients and prospects. When used for personal reasons, they can be printed to create a variety of sports cards for Football, Soccer, Racing, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, and more. You can even create cute collectible Personalized Trading Cards with your child or pet’s picture to send to friends and family!

Print Custom Trading Cards as an exciting way to attract new clients for your business. Add graphics, stats, scores, details, and more depending on what you are printing, as well as highlight areas including images and logos to make them stand out. Get Trading Card Printing with customized specifications in several standard and luxurious options. They make great content for promotional sales and deals in a small format that is still informational and detailed enough to make sales. They provide bite-sized details that are great at capturing your customer’s attention quickly.

Trading Card Printing For Game-Based Collectibles

Print Magic offers 4-color process printing (CMYK) or black and white printing on your Custom Trading Cards that is fade-resistant and long-lasting. We can satisfy even the most seasoned creative tastes with this unconventional marketing product that promotes your brand, products, and services. Choose from a standard Trading Card size of 2.5" x 3.5” with the choice of several paper stock options such as Standard Gloss, Premium Gloss, Standard Uncoated, Thick Gloss, and Uncoated Cover Linen. You can also add coating options like UV Coating, Matte Coating, Spot UV Coating, Aqueous Coating, and Satin Aqueous Coating. The UV Coating can be added to just the front or both sides.

Order Trading Cards at Print Magic and get flexible order quantities and quick shipping every time from 25 to 25000 products. Also, get quick shipping in 1 to 7 days for a faster turnaround. We also offer free proofing services when you place an order with us so you get perfect and error-free printing services.

Print Magic Trading cards Printing Services

  • Trading Cards - Print a fun and creative collectible item that can be used professionally to promote your brand, products, and services, or used personally to print sports cards, comic cards, or pets and children to send friends and family.
  • Spot UV Trading Cards - Create a product that is luxurious due to its special coating and adds contrast to the design as well as a tactile advantage over others.
  • Brown Kraft Trading Cards - Made using 100% recycled materials, these are eco-friendly products with thick paper that adds durability to your Trading Card Printing and makes them last longer.
  • Pearl Metallic Trading Cards - Print shimmery and iridescent Trading Cards that look special, no matter what you want to promote.
  • Velvet Soft Touch Trading Cards - Beautiful to look at Trading Card Printing that stands out due to the soft surface and texture of the product.
  • Foil Trading Cards - Create metallic Trading Cards that shine and stand out in the crowd due to the addition of beautiful Foil colors!
  • Silk Trading Cards - Get Trading Cards that feel amazing to touch and ensure that they convey your commitment to great quality.
  • Akuafoil Trading Cards - Create Holographic Finish in Trading cards. Get premium card printing with Metallic Foil in full-color products that display an array of Foil colors with various gradients and ensure your product looks amazing.
  • Ultra Thick Trading Cards - The Premium Promotional Black EDGE Trading Cards have an edge over your competitors.
  • Waterproof Synthetic Trading Cards - These long-lasting and tear-proof cards are ideal for a durable and longer product life or in places of wet and cold weather conditions.


Can I add Foil elements to Trading Cards Printing?

Print Magic offers great quality printing with different kinds of metallic printing options. Choose from Foil Trading Cards and Akuafoil Trading Cards both of which allow you to add several Foil shades to your metallic products. Create a special marketing material to set yourself apart by using Foil on one or both sides depending on the amount of information you want to print

Print Foil Trading Cards with brilliant results that stand out due to the addition of a metallic effect on your product. We offer Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, Red, Silver, and Rose Gold for printing. The Foil printing process is achieved by using heat and pressure along with metallic or foil ink. The process creates a unique shiny design that looks spectacular and eye-catching. On the other hand, Akuafoil Trading Cards is made by applying a silver base foil to specified areas, and then a four-color printing process is used over it. It allows you to turn CMYK colors into multi-colored foils that provide a true competitive advantage with its sparkling foil finish and shimmer. Create half tones, gradients, and any other color elements you like as Akuafoil Printing offers endless design possibilities.

What is Spot UV Coating when getting Trading Cards Printing done?

Add a luxurious element to your Personalized Trading Cards and make them look special and unique by choosing to use Spot UV coating. This creates a contrasting effect and makes your product look extra shiny, helping you print a product that represents your brand well and promotes your style! Adding Spot UV coating also makes the paper more durable and long-lasting. At Print Magic, you can choose to add Spot UV to one or both sides of the product.

Can I add borders to the Trading Cards printing file?

It is highly recommended that you do not add borders to small-size print products such as Trading Cards. This is because the final printing may reflect a slight shift of up to 1/16" or 0.0625” in any direction and result in uneven borders.

Will the Custom Trading Cards come assembled as a set in decks?

Each printed set of Custom Trading Cards will ship within their own box and you will have to collate them into individual decks once you get them.

Is Brown Kraft paper stock eco-friendly?

Yes. PrintMagic’s Thick Brown Kraft Uncoated paper stock is made using 100% recycled materials allowing you to print eco-friendly products and show your commitment toward a better environment and future.

How can I add a smooth feel to my Trading Card surface?

If you want to ensure your Custom Trading Card’s surface should be smooth, elegant, and irresistible to touch, look at Silk Trading Cards and Velvet Soft Touch Trading Cards.

Silk Trading Cards have a luxurious finish to make your document stand out while making the product look and feel amazing. Silk lamination is more durable and tear-resistant than other paper stocks, enhancing your design and providing a long-lasting product. Velvet Soft Touch Trading Cards are a perfect blend of durability and flexibility and offer high-quality sophisticated products. It provides a suede-like feel and looks premium to advertise products and services. It adds a matte finish and makes the paper durable and long-lasting due to the added thickness. The laminated paper is water, tear, and scratch-resistant, and the finish makes sure your artwork shines above all!

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4.77 Stars | 113 Reviews