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Window Decals

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Clear Window Clings

  • Sticks through static and not adhesive
  • Easy to remove and reuse
  • Best used on storefronts and office windows
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Clear Window Decals

  • Transparent and clear material
  • Attracts people passing by
  • Can be applied on glass, mirror, and other smooth surfaces
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White Window Decals

  • The white background makes the print stand out
  • Near photo-quality printing
  • Reusable for seasonal promotions
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Perforated Window Decals

  • 50% vinyl material, 50% micropunctures
  • One-way vision for privacy
  • Reduces the amount of sunlight that passes through
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Opaque Window Decals

  • Print on both sides
  • Durable, weatherproof material
  • Adhesive backing that makes application easy

Wall Decals

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Repositionable Wall Decals

  • Easy to stick, remove and reapply
  • Uses low-tac adhesive at the back
  • Used indoors on smooth walls
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Permanent Adhesive Decals

  • Strong, permanent adhesive for long-lasting use
  • Once applied, should not be removed
  • Sticks to several kinds of surfaces

Floor Decals

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Custom Floor Graphics

  • Stick on hardwood, tiles, sealed concrete, and more
  • Comes with a laminate to increase its lifespan
  • Used at hospitals, stores, banks, offices
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Street & Sidewalk Decals

  • Aluminum-based decals that are durable
  • Can be stuck on textured surfaces
  • Anti-slip and easy to walk on

Vehicle Decals

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Clear Vehicle Decals

  • Transparent back for unobstructed view
  • Can be used on the windows or body of the vehicle
  • Customizable size with several options
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Perforated Vehicle Decals

  • One-way vision for clear advertisement on the outside
  • Best used on the rear window of vehicles
  • 50/50 composition consisting of vinyl material and micro punctures
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Opaque Vehicle Decals

  • Best used on the vehicle’s body
  • White background of the decals provides more vivid printing
  • Used on transport and delivery vehicles for promotions
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Bumper Stickers

  • Fade-resistant printing
  • Express your thoughts with pride
  • Matte or glossy paper stock
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Car Magnets

  • Glossy Heavy Duty Magnet has a strong hold
  • An aerodynamic product that is built to last
  • Weather-proof and wind-resistant

Easy To Apply Decals and Clings For Every Space

Easy to apply, remove and also reposition, Personalized Decals and Clings can be applied to several places to make it more attractive and create a more customized environment. Whether you want to use them in your office, at home or even at your factory or warehouse, Printable Decals can help promote your message the right way and catch the attention of people passing by.

Decals and Clings are available in a number of varieties, which allows you to cover almost every area of your store or workspace. Stick them on windows, walls, floors, outside the store on sidewalks, on vehicles, and much more depending on the kind of Decal or Cling you use. They are a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for brands that want an affordable and quick way for marketing their products, services, and upcoming deals using Cheap Custom Decals.

Custom Decal Printing At Print Magic

Order Custom Decals at Print Magic as we offer various types of Printed Decals and clings, both that are stuck through adhesive and static. Some are reusable while some are permanent, so you can pick ones depending on your needs.

  • Full-color Printed Decals with UV printing processes that makes it long-lasting.
  • Available in several sizes allowing you to create Personalized Decals.
  • Print to apply on the front of the window or behind the window.
  • Durable and weatherproof materials used.
  • Print one or more Personalized Decals and clings at a time per order with quick shipping options.

Print Magic Decal Printing Services

  • Clear Window Decals -Best used on windows or glass-like surfaces, these Printable Decals provide a near photo quality and allow you to properly utilize your window spaces.
  • Clear Window Clings -Add some privacy to your office rooms while also promoting products with Window Decals that can be stuck without the need for any adhesive on the printed and non-printed side.
  • Opaque Window Decals -Add promotional messages and deals to your storefront or office windows and attract new customers. You can print on both sides of this decal to maximize promotions!
  • Perforated Window Decals -A one-way vision Printed Decal that allows for privacy as well as promotions due to its 50:50 ratio of micro punctures to acrylic material.
  • White Window Decals -With a white background, these Decals present vivid and bright colors when printed on, allowing your design or artwork to look beautiful and even more attractive.
  • Repositionable Wall Decals -No need to get stuck with the same Decal on one spot. With these movable and flexible Printable Decals, you can easily remove and reuse them in different places to change the promotion.
  • Custom Floor Graphics -Turn every space into a marketing opportunity by using Floor Decals around your store and directing people to certain areas of clearance, sales, or deals.
  • Street and Sidewalk Decals -Attract the attention of people on the street at high foot traffic areas by positioning these great advertisement pieces in the right spots. Created with a rugged aluminum foil material, these are the perfect solution for anti-slip products, whether wet or dry.
  • Permanent Adhesive Decals - High quality, heavy adhesive backing makes these decals last forever and stay stuck and unmoving for a long time to come. They can be stuck to several different surfaces and makes a great way for showcasing permanent promotions.
  • Clear Vehicle Decals - Used on vehicle windows to display promotions and advertisements for any company. Personalized Decals are best used to show logos, slogans, and other marketing jargon that gets noticed.
  • Opaque Vehicle Decals- A mobile promotional print product, Opaque Vehicle Decals are best used on the body of the car or as small sized decals on the window to show information about the vehicle.
  • Perforated Vehicle Decals - Best used on the rear window of cars, trucks, and vans, they provide a one-way view allowing your printed promotion to show very visibly on the outside while not obstructing the view of the driver from the inside!


How do Decals and Clings stick to surfaces without adhesive?

Decals and Clings can be easily attached to the glass, plastic, and other smooth surfaces through static and thus don’t need any kind of glue or adhesive. This is why they are also easy to remove and reposition without leaving any marks or residue.

What is the best surface to stick Decals And Clings?

The best use for decals and clings is glass surfaces, but these are also known to stick to most smooth surfaces that are also non-porous. You can use them on metals, plastic, acrylic, and other such surfaces that don’t have pores. A smooth surface ensures no air or water to get through and the cling to stay in place and maintained.

What is the best way to install Vinyl Decals on any surface?

Easy to apply and remove, Decals can be quickly and efficiently installed in place.

  • Start by cleaning and drying the area where they will be applied.
  • Slowly, starting from a corner, peel the backing and apply the decal methodically moving in one direction.
  • Avoid bubbles by pressing the decal to the surface as you move ahead.
  • If any bubbles remain, remove the decal slightly and reapply from that area.
Does decal installation scratch or ruin my windows in any way?

Decals can in no way scratch or harm your windows as the application is straightforward without the need for additional tools. The only time you need to be careful is when cleaning the windows before installation and use a sponge or felt based squeegee instead of a metal one.

What is the best way to install my decals on any surface?

Easy to apply and remove, Decals can be quickly and efficiently installed in place.

  • Start by cleaning and drying the area where they will be applied.
  • Slowly, starting from a corner, peel the backing and apply the decal methodically moving in one direction.
  • Avoid bubbles by pressing the decal to the surface as you move ahead.
  • If any bubbles remain, remove the decal slightly and reapply from that area.
What is the best way to clean Decals?

Since decals can be applied outside, they need some amount of cleaning from time to time. The easiest way to do this is by using a soft, non-abrasive damp cloth and cleaning the decals by gently wiping them. Do not apply too much pressure or scrub harshly as that may ruin the surface or cause them to peel.

Is the adhesive used on decals toxic in any way?

The adhesive used on our decals is water-based and there are no solvents used, making them non-toxic. Though, it is advised that these decals be kept away from young children and pets as the adhesive should not be accidentally eaten or inhaled in any way.

How long do indoor decals last?

When used properly and maintained well, decals are a long-lasting promotional solution for brands. With proper placement, it can be used for 3 to 5 years without exposing it to external elements like water or sunlight.

What is the lifespan of outdoor decals and floor graphics?

When maintained well and used in the proper conditions, these sidewalk decals can stay in place with good print for about a year. If used indoors, their lifespan is considerably increased.

What is the difference between Clear, White, and Perforated Decals?

Print Magic offers various types of Vinyl Decals and clings for printing and each comes with its own benefits and features. There are some basic differences between the three that can help you decide which kind of decal best suits your needs.

Clear Window Decals - Created using 8 mil Clear Static Cling that is thin yet sturdy enough for long term use, these decals offer a transparent back so it is easier to look through the window.

White Window Decals - White Window Decals are printed on 7 mil White Static Cling material that features a white background, offering vivid printing and bolder colors as the white in the background adds vibrancy.

Perforated Window Decals - Perforated Window Decals come with micro punctures that are the size of 1.5 mm or .06” each, which are extremely small and cover about 50% of the Decal. Made using Perforated Adhesive Vinyl or Laminate Perforated Adhesive Vinyl that are both 6 mil in thickness, they provide one-way vision.

If my clings don’t stick properly anymore, what can I do?

Since decals and clings stick to all non-porous surfaces through static, they are reusable for a long time and don’t need extra adhesive or other installation tools. To maintain its smooth surface and easy to attach quality, all you have to do is clean it thoroughly with soap and water to remove any dirt or impurities that may be stuck on the surface due to using for a long time. You can also rub some wool or fleece on the surface to create static.

How long do vehicle decals last?

When used and applied properly, these Vehicle Vinyl Decals have a lifespan of around 3 to 5 years. Keep in mind, this can be impacted by the kind of usage the decal goes through.

Can I wash my vehicle after installing the decal on it?

Yes, you can definitely wash your car, bike, truck, or any other vehicle the Printed Decals are used on. But please keep in mind not to use power washers or drive your car through car washes as they both are too harsh for the decal and may ruin them. Instead, use a normal water hose, a bucket of water, or damp cloth for cleaning.

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