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Presentation Folders

Custom Presentation Folders

  • Print full-color, one-color, or blank Folders
  • 12 paper stock options to pick from
  • Add Business card Slits on one or both sides
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Presentation Folders

Foil Presentation Folders

  • Add a shiny, metallic element to the outside
  • 17 paper stock options to choose from
  • 13 Foil colors to elevate your design
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Presentation Folders

Mini Presentation Folders

  • Small size Folders with a big impact
  • Pockets on both sides with strong reinforced edges
  • Print full-color, one-color, or blank Folders
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Presentation Folders

Silk Presentation Folders

  • Smooth paper stock with durable Silk lamination
  • Add Spot UV coating to the outside
  • Horizontal or Vertical Business Card Slits available
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Presentation Folders

Velvet Soft Touch Presentation Folders

  • Velvety smooth lamination on Premium Cardstock
  • Horizontal or Vertical Business Card Slits on one or both sides
  • 6” x 9” size with printing on the outside and inside
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Presentation Folders

Pearl Metallic Presentation Folders

  • Shimmery, iridescent paper stock
  • Full-color printing on the outside and inside
  • 5.25” x 10.5” and 6” x 9” size options
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Presentation Folders

Akuafoil Presentation Folders

  • Premium Akuafoil Presentation Folders
  • Multi-colored Foil Folders
  • Shining Eye-catching Foil Folder

Create The Perfect First Impression With Custom Presentation Folders

While most of our day to day activities are carried out online, there are still some forms of communication that need a hard paper copy format. Use them for personal reasons and safely keep your resume, college degrees, medical certificates, house and loan bills, will details, and more. On the professional front, Custom Presentation Folders are perfect for adding marketing print materials like Brochures, Menus, Flyers, Sales Sheets, NCR Forms, invoices, and more to give clients and business associates. Presentation Folder Printing offers a complete branding option with customized printing on the outside as well as the inside, allowing you to add your logo, company name, tagline, promotions, and more anywhere you want!

Always portray your business in a professional and appealing manner by using Customized Presentation Folder Printing as part of your marketing strategy. They show a cohesive image for your brand and allow you to conveniently distribute essential documents at board meetings, hand out training materials to trainees, as well as promote your business to prospects and clients. Not only do they make a great way to organize your papers and important documents but also present them in a neat and formal manner with wrinkle-free papers inside. Keep your marketing materials bundled in one place so they are neatly organized and intact to store or distribute to clients, investors, business partners, or co-workers.

High-Quality And Impressive Presentation Folder Printing

Use Customized Presentation Folders at your office for filing and documentation purposes or to assemble marketing materials for potential new clients and shareholders. Choose Print Magic to get high-quality, full-color offset printing for your personalized marketing products and print attractive and impressive looking Folders that you will feel proud to hand out! Once you upload your custom artwork or design, you can pick a size as well as several other customization options. We don’t cut any corners on quality when it comes to printing your products and ensure that each Presentation Folder is made with the best quality and long-lasting materials at affordable pricing.

You can customize your Presentation in several ways starting from size and type of Folder. Choose to add single or double pockets to the inside of the Folders so all your print and promotional materials stay snugly in place and don’t fall out or get misplaced. You can also add Business Card Slits to the interior pockets on one or both sides. This allows you to add your required contact details without the client losing or overlooking them. Get full-color CMYK printing that is fade-resistant on just the outside or inside of the Presentation Folder as well. You can even order blank Folders with no printing and choose to add Stickers or Labels on them later. We also offer several standard and premium quality paper stock options, as well as lamination or coatings to increase the durability of your product.

Print Magic Presentation Folder Printing Services

  • Custom Presentation Folders - Print Custom Presentation Folders as a part of your marketing strategy to create brand awareness and put your best foot forward when meeting clients and business associates.
  • Pearl Metallic Presentation Folders - Iridescent paper stock that adds a subtle shine to your Folders and helps enhance your design, artwork, or logo printing.
  • Silk Presentation Folders - Smooth as silk, this Presentation Folder type is great for creating ultra-luxurious products that stand out from the competition.
  • Foil Presentation Folders - Add some shimmer and shine to your Presentation Folders with Foil elements available in 13 color options.
  • Velvet Soft Touch Presentation Folders - Order smooth to touch Folders with a Velvet Soft Touch lamination that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Mini Presentation Folders - Print small size Presentation Folders that are compact and portable to carry around or distribute.


What is the standard size for printing Presentation Folders?

The standard size for a Custom Presentation Folder is 9" x 12" with one or two 4" Pockets inside. Print Magic also offers other small and large sizes in case you would like to print different sized products.

  • 9" x 12”
  • 9.375" x 12”
  • 9" x 14.5”
  • 6" x 9”
  • 4" x 9”
How should I set up my file for proper rotation on pockets?

The designation of the pockets is based on the flat images so when choosing pockets be mindful of this, please use this image as an example.

Presentation Folder set up my file for proper rotation on pockets | Print Magic

IMPORTANT - Please follow this rule when choosing slits, keep any design, text, or logos out of the slit areas. The pocket side you want the slits on should follow the orientation rule above.

What is the difference between Foil Presentation Folders, Pearl Metallic Presentation Folders, Silk Presentation Folders, and Velvet Soft Touch Presentation Folders?

Print Magic offers several types of Custom Presentation Folders for printing.

Foil Presentation Folders - Add a metallic element to your Presentation Folder by incorporating any of our available 13 Foil colors into the design. It is a great way to highlight certain elements such as your logo or a slogan and let them stand out. The shiny look of your Folders is sure to look attractive and elevate your design!

Silk Presentation Folders - Custom Silk Presentation Folders have a luxurious finish to make your document stand out while making the product look and feel amazing. Silk lamination is more durable and tear-resistant than other paper stocks, enhancing your design and providing a long-lasting product.

Pearl Metallic Presentation Folders - This paper choice creates a beautiful, shiny effect on the custom printed design and text. The shimmery paper stock is enticing and adds interest to your design. The thick paper can take quite a beating and can withstand heavy printing processes, while still managing to make your design shine! The subtle texture and sheen of the paper have a rich, luminous effect that stays noticeable no matter the choice of colors you use.

Velvet Soft Touch Presentation Folders - They are a perfect blend of durability and flexibility and offer high-quality sophisticated products. It provides a suede-like feel and looks premium to advertise any products and services. It adds a matte finish and makes the paper durable and long-lasting due to the added thickness. The laminated paper is water, tear, and scratch-resistant and the finish makes sure your artwork shines above all!

What Business Card Slit options do you have for printing Presentation Folders?

Our Presentation Folder Printing comes with the option to add a Pocket on just the right side or on both sides as per your requirements. You can also add Business Card Slits on the left pocket, the right pocket, or both of them that can fit any standard sized Business Card. Print Magic offers three types of Business Card Slit options -

Standard Horizontal Business Card Slits -
This slit is on the top and bottom and comes with notched tabs that can hold a horizontally placed Business Card. These slits come with Presentation Folders that are sized 9" x 12”, 9.375" x 12”, and 9" x 14.5”.

Standard Vertical Business Card Slits -
Similar to Horizontal Business Card Slits, these too come as notched tabs but are placed on the left and right to hold a vertically placed Business Card. These slits come with Presentation Folders that are sized 9" x 12”, 9.375" x 12”, and 9" x 14.5”.

Half Moon Business Card Slits -
Two semi-circle slits are placed on the top and bottom to hold the Business Card in place. You can easily slide the card in and out as needed. These slits come with Custom Presentation Folders that are sized 6" x 9" or 4" x 9”.

What size are the Pockets inside the Presentation Folder?

Most standard Pockets inside Presentation Folders are 4” high in size as this size is perfect for holding multiple documents and papers in place without the Folder becoming too bulky. But you can get a 2.75” Pocket inside if you choose to print 6" x 9” Presentation Folders.

  • 9" x 12” Presentation Folders come with a 4” Pocket inside
  • 9.375" x 12” Presentation Folders come with a 4” Pocket inside
  • 9" x 14.5” Presentation Folders come with a 4” Pocket inside
  • 6" x 9” Presentation Folders come with a 2.75” Pocket inside
  • 4" x 9” Presentation Folders come with a 4” Pocket inside

The Horizontal Business Card Slits are placed 2.5” from the center fold of the Folder, 1” from the top, and .75” from the bottom of the Pocket. Vertical slits are placed 3.25” from the outside cutline, .25” from the top and bottom of the Pockets, and 3.5” from the center fold.

What is the file set up requirement for printing Custom Presentation Folders?

Presentation Folders are printed on a flat sheet of paper and they are cut, folded, and glued together to be assembled after. There are three elements in making the required printing file set up - the outside design, the inside design, and the design on the Pockets.

Take the example of creating a standard 9" x 12” Presentation Folder -

Design 1 -

The first design for your file will be for the outside front and back covers, as well as both the Pockets. The right side is the front cover while the left side design will be for the back cover. The top 12” in the length of the paper will constitute the cover design and the bottom 4” will be the Pockets.

Design 2 -

If you do not want any printing on the inside of the Folder, you can skip this step. For adding the design inside, keep in mind that the top 8” will be the visible part for printing as the bottom 4” will be the added Pocket. It is advised that you stretch your design to 12” so that the inside of the Pocket is also printed and cover the whole sheet for a cohesive look.

Pocket Design -

As stated above, the Pocket design is printed along with the front cover design, and the paper is folded inwards to create the Pocket. The design should be printed inverted to show it on the Pocket properly. Keep in mind that these Folders need a diagonal die where the centerfold is. This could cut up to .625” at the farthest point on both sides. The best way to ensure all your elements fit inside the printing line is to keep them away from this cut line.

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