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Pole Flags

  • Great promotional product for outdoor advertising
  • Easy assembly in minutes
  • Durable and sturdy flag material and pole
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Teardrop Flags

  • Great for roadside or event promotions
  • Used indoors or outdoors
  • Different height sizes available
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Feather Flags

  • Two base options for indoor and outdoor use
  • Carrying bag available
  • Used at trade shows, expos, conventions, and more.

Beautiful And Attractive Flag Printing For Businesses

Beautiful to look at and easy to prop up at any event, Custom Flags are the best way to pave the path to your event or office. They can be used to direct people the right way or simply used as a promotional print product to display your brand, products, and services at various locations. They are a cost-effective and creative way of displaying your message to people walking by and attracts or entices them to visit your store. Create eye-catching advertisement opportunities for your brand and get Customized Flags printed to turn your idea into a successful vision!

Available for indoor and outdoor use, Personalized Flags can be easily set up using a cross base or a ground stake for easy installation. They are popularly used by businesses in every industry due to their versatility and flexibility of use. Display them at corporate trade shows, real estate expos, indoor convention booths, outside retail businesses, car dealerships, beach events, and school sports days. Their uses are plenty and they also make great seasonal promotions since the Flag can be swapped out for a new one when needed. The installation and assembly process is quick and easy, allowing companies to leverage the complete power of these amazing promotional print products!

Customized Flag Printing At Print Magic

Print Magic offers super-quality Flag Printing with easy to customize design and printing options. Whether you need a free downloadable template for your products, expert Design Services, free proofing services, or even help with personalization, we offer a selection of A to Z printing services. Choose from different size options for short or tall Poles, as well as durable Polyester material used for printing.

Get full-color CMYK printing on one side of the durable Polyester Flag material. The non-printed side of the Flag will show a reverse or mirror image of the printed design that is a print-through. Printing on these single-sided Personalized Flags makes the image fade to the extent of 5% when displayed and are printed using a dye process that lasts longer and doesn’t fade easily when exposed to the sun for a long time. You have the choice for adding a Pole pocket or Grommet strip on the left side or right side of the pole and even choose from a black or white thread for sewing and finishing the product.

Banner Printing Services At Print Magic

  • Pole Flags - Wind-Resistant Flags that can be attached to the ground or concrete, mounted on poles. You can also get wall brackets to mount them on the wall indoors.
  • Feather Flags - Printed on a durable, washable Polyester fabric material, these feather shaped Flags come with a pole to easily attach and display them on.
  • Teardrop Flags - Wind and water-resistant Flags that have a beautiful shape and can display vivid printing due to the dye sublimation process used on


What is the difference between Feather Flags, Pole Flags, and Teardrop Flags?

Print Magic offers three types of Flag Printing services for creating custom products.

Teardrop Flags - Versatile Flags with a curved top that have a high wind-resistance and are perfect for outdoor or indoor advertising. They come with a ground stake or cross base stand.

Pole Flags - Use them with the option of wall brackets so you can easily mount them and create a promotional opportunity with a professional flag presentation.

Feather Flags - Unique shaped Flags that are successful in attracting attention from people passing by and ensure your message or promotion is seen from near or far. They also come with a ground stake or cross base stand.

Why should I print Custom Flags for my business?

Get Customized Flag Printing for your brand and reap the many benefits of getting these professional-looking indoor and outdoor promotional products. There are several benefits of getting Pole Flags.

  • Unique shape - Flags offer a unique shape and base for printing your exciting promotional message to attract attention.
  • Durable and stable - the flags don’t drop or fall due to their durable materials and are hard-wearing advertising tools for displaying all year long!
  • Cost-effective - Flags offer ample promotional opportunities with a fraction of the investment needed.
  • Mobility - These Flags are lightweight and easy to carry around. They are also assembled and dissembled within minutes for transportation or storage.
What design file set up is needed for Customized Flags Printing?

Before sending in the final file for printing, make sure that the text and graphics are placed at least 0.5" from the safety line or the hem. Ensure that the bleed is 0.5" on all the sides so that none of your artwork gets cut out.

Do you provide any accessories with the Flags?

Flags come with the option of buying additional accessories that are required to make it stand, whether indoors or outdoors. The whole package comes in an easy to carry bag for storage and transport. The hardware is easy to assemble and doesn’t require additional tools.

Feather Flags and Teardrop Flags come with the option of choosing from indoor or outdoor hardware.

  • Indoor Usage - Flag pole, X-Stand or Cross Base, cord, carry bag, and water tube to help stabilize the flag.
  • Outdoor Usage - Flag pole, Ground Stake or Spike Base, cord, and carry bag.

Pole Flags include hardware for a 6ft Pole as well as two-position plastic wall brackets.

What material and printing process is used to make these Flags?

Flags are made with superior quality and lightweight Polyester material that is printed using the dye sublimation process. The fabric has a plastic-like quality and you can get full-color CMYK printing on one side that is fade-resistant. The Polyester Flag material is also flame-resistant but you should always avoid exposure to an open flame or extremely high temperatures. The Flag pole is made using a combination of lightweight aluminum and fiberglass that provides sturdiness and durability.

Is there a carrying case or bag available for purchase with the Flags?

Yes, Print Magic offers the option of buying a bag or case with your Custom Flag Printing. The carrying case or bag is made to hold the Pole and Flag securely inside when the product is not in use. Great for just storage or transportation as well, these bags can hold the complete set of pieces and tools needed for setting up your Flag in place. The entire bag can be zipped up for efficiently keeping them in place.

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