Complete Guide To Creating Custom Business Flyers – Part 1

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Complete Guide To Creating Custom Business Flyers - part 1 | PrintMagic

Like all promotional print products, Flyers for business have to be designed in such a way that they get your brand noticed. Customize Flyers to catch your prospect’s eye and entice them to make a purchase with your business. To ensure that your custom Flyers create the required impact, here is a complete guide on how to create and customize Flyers as well as picking out the right Flyer printing service.

Our blog is split into 4 parts and will cover –

1. Where does your business Flyer fit in your marketing strategy?

While it may be tempting to jump straight into the designing part of your Flyer printing, you first need to understand how and where do these print products fit in your marketing strategy.

Overall objective –

The big question to think about is what is your brand’s marketing goal? Understanding this will give you a clear picture of what you want to achieve from your marketing activities. Think about whether you are trying to build brand awareness, advertise the launch of a new service or product, trying to increase engagement, or collecting leads – the reasons for printing Flyers for business can be many.

Flyer usage –

Once the objectives for Flyer printing are clear, you can move on to the next understanding what the specific objective of your custom Flyer is. Think about how these Flyers fit into your overall marketing strategy and how they can be effective in promoting your brand, events, products, services, and more. Compare the benefits of using advertising Flyers as opposed to some other print materials and weigh the pros and cons.

Target audience –

You need to determine who you are addressing in your promotions before you can move ahead with creating your print materials. Understand your target demographics such as age, location, gender, purchasing behavior, and other such parameters. Whether you are trying to attract older customers, targeting new prospects, or trying to get attention from your competitor’s clients, figure out who will benefit most from your products and services.

Key message –

Once you’ve figured out your target audience, decide the key message that they should take away from your club Flyer. This could be a benefit or an attribute of your business, certain impactful products and services, sales and discount advertisements, or brand information that customers may want to remember. Being specific about one main important message can help create a key message that you can workaround.

Result –

Be specific about what you want the reader of your advertising Flyer to do. Should the result be them signing up with a newsletter for discounts, visit your store on a specific day, follow you on social media, or creating awareness about your brand, products, and services? Whatever the result you are looking for, just make sure it is easy for your club Flyer’s reader to understand and execute.

Distribution –

Distributing advertising Flyers is extremely versatile as they can be disturbed in person on the sidewalk, pinned on boards, mailed to your customers’ homes, handed out at your store, or more. Decide on how you want to distribute your business Flyers so that you can keep that in mind for the Flyer design. For instance, a small Flyer for business is more useful when being sent in the mail, while a bigger size Flyer is great for pinning on a bulletin board.

Know more about creating custom Flyers for your business by reading the second part of this blog – Complete Guide To Creating Custom Business Flyers – Part 2.

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