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Restaurant Spa & Salon Menus

  • Menus to display the cuisines you offer
  • Best used at eateries, spas, salons
  • Satin Aqueous coating for a luxurious, premium feel
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Dine-In Menus

  • Entice customers with full-color printing
  • 11 scoring and folding options
  • An attractive way to show food and drinks
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Take Out Menus

  • One-time use, Safe Disposable Menu
  • Premium coating options like Satin, Aqueous, UV
  • Easily increase reach to target customers
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Pocket Menus

  • Convenient sized mini menu
  • Flat or folded options
  • Double Parallel Fold, Z-Fold, Roll Fold, among others
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Recycled Paper Brown Kraft Menus

  • Provides a rustic and organic look
  • Recyclable paper with great ink absorption
  • Thick, durable paper that is long-lasting
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Waterproof Synthetic Menus

  • Extremely durable and waterproof paper stock
  • Print flat or with scoring and folding
  • Washable with disinfectectants for safety
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Eco-friendly Natural Menus

  • Eco-friendly Standard Natural Uncoated - 14 pt. paper
  • Printing on the front or front and back
  • Flat or 1 and 2 score options
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Laminated Menus

  • Waterproof Laminated Menus
  • Choice of 4 different sizes
  • Ideal for Restaurants, Spas, and Salons

Custom Menu Printing for the Service Industry

Menus are a powerful tool to advertise your business and the Restaurant, Salon, Spa and Hospitality industry makes the most use of it. Eateries, Restaurants, Cafes, food joints use custom menus to display their food list with price along with enticing pictures while the spa and salon industry uses it to showcase their wide range of services.

With being widely used by restaurants, eateries, cafes and salons, menu printing has come a long way. They can be a great marketing tool to promote your new products, offer discount coupons to visitorsto use the next time they visit or order from your restaurant or use a service at your salon. You can also share with them as a reminder for brand recall.

Custom Menu Printing Services at PrintMagic

At PrintMagic, entice your customers with the variety of types to choose from which are ideal to represent any business and help promote the products and services with ease.

  • Restaurant Spa & Salon Menus - Custom designed menu for any services basis the industry to showcase products in an enticing way. Used by eateries, spa and salons displaying their range of services.
  • Dine-in Menus - Waterproof coating to wipe after every use. Best way to present your meal list in a very hygienic way.
  • Take-out Menus - Easy way for customers to order food. Disposable menus helping you create brand awareness along with advertising your food , beverages along with price and pictures.
  • Pocket Menus - Small and compact mini Menus that can be easily stored and distributed to customers.
  • Recycled Paper Brown Kraft Menus - Rustic looking, light brown paper stock made from recycled material that stands apart from the generic Menus in the market!
  • Waterproof Synthetic Menus - Durable, with Waterproof capabilities, these Tearproof Menus are most the preferred Menus in the hospitality industry.
  • Eco-friendly Natural Menus - Beautifully textured eco-friendly paper stock that looks elegant and adds an element of style to your Menus.
  • Laminated Menus - Thick white stock with 3 mil. plastic lamination for extra durability and safety.
  • Placemats – Keep tables tidy as you promote your dishes. With a custom design that matches your brand, custom printed placemats complete the dining experience and keep kids busy while waiting for their meals.
  • Table Tents – Promote specials with these free-standing displays. These easy-to-assemble signs are great on dining tables and high foot traffic areas in your establishment.

Design Services -

Avail Design Services for your Menu printing by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, completely unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get the Business Services Flyer printed and delivered to your doorstep!

Can we print custom menus which is pre-designed?

Yes! You can upload your pre-designed custom menu using the easy Uploader tool at the website. Pick different sizes, paper stocks, and coatings depending on your budget..

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4.86 Stars | 63 Reviews

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