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Business Labels

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Custom Labels

  • 36 size options
  • Silk lamination for a smooth feel
  • Shape choices like circle, oval, square
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Roll Labels

  • Easy to use and store
  • Choose from white, textured and clear paper stock
  • Fast delivery, quick turnaround
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Water Bottle Labels

  • Promote your brand
  • Choose from various shapes and sizes
  • Choose a textured paper stock
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Name Labels

  • Easily sticks to clothing and bags
  • Great for conferences and meetings
  • Fade-resistant, full-color printing
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Shipping and Mailing Labels

  • Useful for large mailing projects
  • Personalize your mails
  • Great for sending promotional mails
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Address Labels

  • Shape choices like circle, oval, square, rectangle
  • Upload custom design
  • Size options ranging from 1" to 6.5"

Specialty Labels

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Clear Labels

  • Focuses on the design
  • Clear background for your design
  • Sticks to products sturdily
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Warning Labels

  • Helps avoid danger
  • Flexible order quantities
  • Self-sticking adhesive
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Oval Labels

  • 25 size options from 1” to 6”
  • Glossy lamination for a slick look
  • Choose silk lamination for a luxurious feel
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Round Labels

  • Size options ranging from 1” to 6.5”
  • Gloss or silk lamination
  • Perfect for bottle and jar caps
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Kids Labels

  • Fun and colorful labels
  • Great for children's projects
  • Choose bright colors and premium paper stock
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Waterproof Labels

  • Water and oil-resistant
  • Fully immersible in water
  • Small to large sizes available

Product Labels

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Beer Labels

  • Print brewing process and information
  • Upload custom label design
  • Make your brand recognizable
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Beverage Labels

  • Sticks to glass and plastic easily
  • Promote your new product
  • Print custom label design
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Candle Labels

  • Add ingredients and fragrance information
  • Small to large printed quantities available
  • Bright Silver Metallic - 2 mil. paper stock option
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Canning Labels

  • 1" to 6.5" label sizes available
  • Pick label unwind direction
  • Premium paper stock and lamination
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Food Labels

  • Add health and nutrition benefits
  • Promote your business
  • Make food packaging look appealing
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Health & Beauty Labels

  • Write ingredients and product information
  • Choose from clear or with background printing
  • Upload custom design
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Jar Labels

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create custom shapes
  • Ships as soon as 1 day
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Packaging Labels

  • Full-color, vibrant printing
  • Premium paper stock and lamination
  • Great branding and promotional opportunity
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Soap Labels

  • Add ingredients and uses
  • Flexible order quantities
  • Peel off labels with ease
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Product Labels

  • Great for branding and promotion
  • As soon as same-day delivery
  • Shape choices like circle, oval, square
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Bottle Labels

  • Available in rolls for easy use
  • Vibrant and clear print
  • Fade-resistant
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Retail Branding Labels

  • Great tool for promotions
  • Create custom design and shape
  • Clear or with background
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Wine Labels

  • Makes the bottle look more attractive
  • Write ingredient’s list
  • Great branding opportunity

Custom Print Labels for any use

Labels are sometimes the first point of contact between the company and the customer, which is why it is necessary to make your labels stand out and be more attractive. Many times customers make judgments about your brand or products depending on the packaging and labels used. So if you want to be taken seriously, you need to invest in a branding and marketing strategy that includes Printing Labels that are high-quality and attractive.

Order Labels to use on bottles, jars, food items, packages, different products, internal branding and much more. Printing informative and eye-catching labels for products is a great way to show your clients the amount of attention and care you put into packaging each product you sell.

Print Labels Online to help prospects and customers understand your product and decide whether it is for them. Printing Labels help add additional product information and allow you space to professionally present your company and what sets you apart. Order Labels to showcase your company’s designing abilities and highlight your assets by printing full-color custom labels in several sizes and paper stocks to create a label that looks great, is functional and represents the product.

Order Labels Online At Print Magic

No matter what you need to Order Labels for, Print Magic has 25 kinds of labels as well as customization options to pick from. Create labels that are ideal for your product, brand and promotional activities. Whether you need different shapes like square, circle, oval, rectangle or even a custom shape, Print Magic’s fade-resistant printing, several paper stocks, and coating options are the perfect choice to make your logo or text stand out. With a fast turnaround time and small to large printing quantities, you can Buy Labels that fit your budget.

Print Labels Online that can be used for all purposes from Shipping and Mailing Labels, Name Labels, Retail Branding Labels, Waterproof Labels to Food Labels, Beverage Labels, Price Label, Jar Labels, and Health & Beauty Labels. Print Magic delivers precisely cut stickers that come with a strong adhesive, are easy to peel and stick securely.

  • Several size and shape options or upload custom design
  • Silk, gloss or no lamination
  • 5 paper stock options - Bright Silver Metallic - 2 mil, Texture Eggshell Felt - 70 lb. 6.3 mil, Semi-Gloss - 55 lb. 3.2 mil, White BOPP - 2.3 mil, Clear BOPP - 2.3 mil
  • Pick unwind direction

Buy Labels For All Purposes

  • Custom Labels - Encourage potential buyers to purchase your products with Custom Labels to print information and logo.
  • Oval Labels - Labels in an oval shape provide a distinct look to your packaging, allowing you to shed light on your products.
  • Round Labels - Order Labels Onlinein a standard circle shape that is perfect for jars and bottle.
  • Clear Labels - Create a "no label" look with clear backgrounds for your labels that allow consumers to see what's inside.
  • Waterproof Labels - Durable and long-lasting labels for outdoor or indoor use, which are also oil and water-resistant.
  • Warning Labels - Print labels to depict danger or fragile items to stick on the packaging or around the office to create a safe and accident-free zone.
  • Kids Labels - Order Labels Onlinefor kids to create custom designs and characters for sticking on school books and personal belongings.
  • Address Labels - Print labels that contain the delivery and return address for a seamless delivery experience.
  • Shipping and Mailing Labels - Make shipping and mailing packages super easy with custom printed labels.
  • Name Labels - Print name labels for company retreats, kids supplies and more to personalize products or introduce yourself.
  • Product Labels - Print any kind of product information on labels to advertise their features and USPs.
  • Bottle Labels - Waterproof labels that are perfect for the fridge or pantry and help promote any kind of beverage or sauce sold in a bottle.
  • Packaging Labels - Print labels for any packaging needs to add a logo, product name, information or Price Label.
  • Food Labels - Printing Labelsis great for any kind of food packaging to ensure you display all the important nutritional and consumption information.
  • Beverage Labels - Make labels for any kind of drink or beverage such as wine, beer, juice, soda, and water to create a personalized product.
  • Water Bottle Labels - Customize water bottles for weddings, birthdays, and theme parties to create a memorabilia product that can be saved.
  • Beer Labels - Used by breweries and microbreweries of all sizes, Beer Labels help create a custom product!
  • Wine Labels - Whether you are a small start-up or a big company, print customized labels for your wine bottle to show their distinct qualities and attract attention.
  • Canning Labels - Label your canned goods with packaging and expiration date, as well as recipes and how to use information.
  • Health & Beauty Labels - Print Labels Onlinethat are water and oil-resistant for any kind of health care or beauty product.
  • Candle Labels - Create distinct labels for every fragrance of your candles and ensure to attract the attention of potential customers!
  • Jar Labels - Add a personal touch to any jars, whether for selling products or using as party favors.
  • Retail Branding Labels - Brand your products with your logo and product information to sell effectively in the market and promote yourself.
  • Soap Labels - Buy Labels to create customized packaging for homemade and factory produced soaps, adding a special touch!
  • Roll Labels - Get labels conveniently printed on a roll for an easy and quick application manually or using a machine.

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4.86 Stars | 175 Reviews