Spot UV Trading Cards
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Spot UV Trading Cards

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  • Create unique promotional tools for your brand
  • Durable and long-lasting coating on glossy paper stock
  • Small-sized products for promoting sales and sharing information
  • Print Trading Cards with clear quality spot coating

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Print Unique Custom Spot UV Trading Cards As Promotional Tools

Print unique looking products to promote your brand, products, and services in the most creative way possible by getting Custom Spot UV Trading Cards. They are perfect print product that can be used by any business and work as a promotional tool to elevate your brand image. Popularly used as a sports-based marketing print product, you can customize Spot UV Trading Cards and adapt them to your brand as a way to create amazing looking collectibles that create interest. Whether used as a sports staple or used in giveaways and corporate gifting, these small-sized products are very useful at promoting sales and sharing information!

Print Spot UV Trading Cards to take one step further with customized printing and create a product that is luxurious due to its special additions and coating. Spot UV adds contrast to the product as well as a tactile advantage over others. Spot UV Trading Card Printing is also tear and scratch-resistant, adding durability. The printed colors will look brighter and you wouldn’t have to compromise on quality, allowing you to instantly capture your customer’s attention. Connect with your audience and create collectibles with a nostalgic quality that can be easily distributed and are also intriguing. You can even use Custom Spot UV Trading Cards for personal reasons and print cute decks of your pets, kids, favorite celebrities, or more to share with friends and family!

Uses For Custom Spot UV Trading Cards

  • They make collectible and trade-worthy cards that can be used at trade shows and corporate conventions.
  • Custom Spot UV Trading Cards works great for connecting with your audience and maintaining interest in your company.
  • Display bite-size pieces of information that is easy to absorb and can be also used as an educational, sales, or training tool.
  • Trading Cards can be used for products, kids, pets, sports, and more.

Attractive And Efficient Spot UV Trading Card Printing

Print Custom Spot UV Trading Cards for professional or personal use as an effective way to create awareness about your brand. Choose Print Magic to get Personalized Trading Card Printing for amazing-looking collectibles that are fade-resistant and long-lasting. Use these unconventional marketing materials to promote your products and services by uploading your custom design and picking from several customization options that represent your brand. We also offer free proofing services when you place an order with us so you get perfect and error-free printing.

  • Print only on the front or the front and back of the Trading Card.
  • 2.5" x 3.5” standard Trading Card size available.
  • Choose from Standard Cardstock - 14 pt. C2S and Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock.
  • Add Spot UV Coating to the front, back, or both sides for an enhanced effect.
  • Get from 1000 to 25000 products per order with shipping in 2 to 7 days.

Design Services -

Avail Design Services for your Spot UV Trading Cards by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, completely unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and delivered to your doorstep!

Remember that Spot UV Trading Cards need "Mask files" to be set up properly and our Design Experts can help setup and ensure perfect prints. Our team can also give good recommendations on which are the most important Spot UV areas of the product, so don’t forget to reach out for tips.

How should I set up my design file for Spot UV printing?

To add Spot UV to your Trading Card Printing, you must include a mask file apart from the CMYK file that will indicate which areas of the product Spot UV have to be applied. Taking the below pictures as an example, the left one is a normal CMYK file while the one on the right is the mask file. It contains white that indicates no Spot UV and 100% K that indicates where the Spot UV coating will be placed. Ensure that the mask file and the CMYK print file are aligned properly so there is no disparity in printing.

What is Spot UV and how can it be used for Trading Card Printing?

Add Spot UV to Trading Cards to create an irresistible and elegant-looking product. This coating is tear and scratch-resistant, offering a durable and long-lasting premium finish. The printed colors on the paper look bright and this coating doesn’t compromise on the final quality.

Create a premium impression by adding Spot UV to one or both sides of your Custom Trading Cards when you print at Print Magic. Add the coating depending on what you want to highlight in your design. It adds contrast to the product as well as a tactile advantage over others.

Which paper stock options are available for printing Custom Spot UV Trading Cards?

Print Magic offers Standard Gloss and Premium Gloss paper stock options for printing your Custom Spot UV Trading Cards. Pick one depending on the purpose of your product and what your budget is-

Standard Cardstock - 14 pt. C2S -This paper comes with a beautiful sheen and smooth surface, providing vibrant and bright colors.

Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S - This paper stock provides a high gloss look that makes the printed colors pop for any design or image. It is a water-resistant paper that has a smooth and bright white colored resin coating for added durability.

Download Templates

Trading Cards Layout Templates

To guide you with your design accurately, we had prepared a number of templates for your use. Choose a file format and a size and click the links to download.