Mini Presentation Folders
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Mini Presentation Folders

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  • Print Mini Presentation Folders with reinforced Pockets on both sides
  • Powerful marketing tools that add professionalism and create interest
  • Small size Folders that create a big impact
  • Add Half Moon Business Card Slits on one or both sides

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Mini Presentation Folders For A Bigger Impact

Want to create an alternative for the standard letter-sized Custom Presentation Folder sizes? Look no further than Mini Presentation Folders that are relatively smaller than the normal size but still pack a powerful punch when it comes to marketing your product! These small size Presentation Folders are perfect to organize your documentation and present marking materials with a big impact. The compact size makes them portable and is perfect for you to grab and go for quick distribution when needed. No need to lug around hefty and large size Folders, when you have the option to print small versions that can still fit your documents efficiently. Give a taste of your business acumen with custom print products that display your professionalism and creativity in a small package!

Exude elegance and professionalism when you walk into any kind of meeting or gathering and make the perfect first impression with Custom Mini Presentation Folder Printing. When you enter a room to give a presentation, the first thing people notice is how you’re holding the documents needed for the meeting. Roaming around with them loosely in your hands looks unprofessional while taking the same papers in a custom made Mini Presentation Folder will instant provide an impressive way to carry them. Use them to snugly fit all your marketing materials and documents in place, kept inside the Folder Pocket. If you are leaving the Presentation Folder with the client, make sure to add Business Card Slits that are the best way to add your contact number and email address in a hard to miss manner.

Use Case And Applications

  • Create polished and professional-looking customized Mini Presentation Folders to use at church functions, giveaways, camps, workshops, and other events.
  • Distribute as corporate gifts, information kits, marketing packages, press kits, and more for meetings or public relations campaign.
  • Used at schools, colleges, and universities to distribute back to school materials and educational curriculums.
  • Used by students to carry project documents, term papers, forms, permission slips, and more.

Establish Your Brand Identity With Mini Presentation Folders

Mini Presentation Folders have a clever design as they act as a small size billboard for your brand on the outside. On the inside, you can personalize them depending on the number of Pockets and Business card Slits you want. You can also add your logo and other printing elements to the Pockets to spice up the inside! Choose Print Magic to create Customized Mini Presentation Folders and present your Flyers, Brochures, Sales Sheets, Postcards, and other business literature in an elegant and professional manner. Leave a lasting and positive impression on everyone you give these Folders to as they are perfect for showing your brand’s persona with unique designs.Proudly display your company’s logo and branding elements on the front of your Mini Presentation Folder to show your designs with a polished and professional look. Companies need to invest in personalization to maximize their marketing efforts and maintain brand exclusivity. Print Magic offers CMYK full-color printing for all the products with fade-resistant inks that show your design or artwork efficiently. You have the option to add your choice of artwork or design on the outside of the Folder. You can also choose to get single color printed on the outside or buy a blank Presentation Folder with no printing. Avial our printing services at competitive rates to ensure these effective print products can be a part of every company’s marketing strategy.
  • Get Mini Presentation Folder Printing in two size options - 6" x 9” and 4" x 9”.
  • Choose from 12 different paper stocks like white high-gloss, white semi-gloss, white linen, white silk, and more.
  • Add Pockets on both sides with reinforced edges for more durability.
  • Half Moon Business Card Slits on the left pocket, the right pocket, or both of them.
  • Order 50 to 5000 Mini Presentation Folders and get quick shipping and turnaround.
Design Services -Avail Design Services for your Mini Presentation Folders by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, completely unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and delivered to your doorstep!


Can I add Pockets to my Mini Presentation Folder?
Yes, all our Mini Presentation Folders come with Pockets on the left and right sides. These help keep your documents in place and not fall out. 4" x 9" Presentation Folder size comes with two 4" pockets while the 6" x 9” Standard Mini Presentation Folder Size comes with two 2.75" pockets. You have the option of adding reinforced edges to the pockets to make them more durable and sturdy.
Pocket Folders | Print Magic
Pocket Folders Reinforced Edges | Print Magic
What type of Business Card Slits are available on the Folder Pockets?
You can add Half Moon Business Card Slits centered one or both the Pockets in your Presentation Folder. This consists of two semi-circle slits that are placed on the top and bottom to hold the Business Card in place. You can easily slide the card in and out as needed.
What printing options do you offer for Custom Mini Presentation Folders?
Print Magic offers CMYK full-color printing for all the products with fade-resistant inks that show your design or artwork efficiently. You have the option to get full-color printing with your choice of artwork or design on the outside of the Folder. You can also choose to get single color printed on the outside or buy a blank Mini Presentation Folder with no printing.
What is the difference between Mini Presentation Folders and Standard size Presentation Folders?
The sole difference between a Mini Presentation Folder and Standard Presentation Folder is the size. The size of a Standard Mini Presentation Folder is 6" x 9” while a Standard Presentation Folder has a size of 9" x 12”. At Print Magic, another difference between the two lies in the Pocket options it comes with. The Mini Presentation Folder already has two pockets, one on either side while with a Standard Presentation Folder, you have the option of adding one on the left side, right side, or both sides.
What are some design tips to remember when making Presentation Folders?
Designing your Mini Presentation Folders and adding custom artwork or company elements is a great way of creating print marketing materials that stand out and help you create brand awareness. Here are some basic tips to follow when it comes to customizing your products.
  • Create a memorable design with your logo and tagline on the front and back to ensure your company’s name is displayed clearly.
  • Always keep your design simple so people don’t get distracted from the main purpose of the Folders.
  • Make sure to include your contact, email, address, and social media information so customers can easily get in touch with you.
  • Use the Pockets on the inside as an additional promotional opportunity.
  • Choose colors and layouts that match your present branding identity for a cohesive look.