Foil Presentation Folders
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Foil Presentation Folders

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  • Preassembled and glued Foil Presentation Folders
  • Add metallic elements to create a bold and stunning product
  • Present marketing products in a professional and wrinkle-free manner
  • Conveniently organize and bundle documents in custom office stationery

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Foil Presentation Folders For Customized Office Stationery

There are many types of print and promotional materials that companies send or distribute to prospects, customers, business associates, investors, and more. Customized Foil Presentation Folders offer a multitude of uses in every professional setting, whether it is to present press kits or information packets, introduce new products and services, or leave pertinent company details and documents with prospects. Assessing the amount of print communication that brands need for putting out information, a Foil Presentation Folder can come in handy to bundle these materials together and conveniently organize them in one packet. Your customer will also appreciate not having to handle multiple loose Brochures, Rack Cards Flyers, Sales Sheets, and Booklets!

Create the perfect product to categorize and easily access important documents for yourself or your clients. Foil Presentation Folders are an essential part of your company’s brand image and are usually the first thing that people see when you enter a meeting, conference, or presentation. They create the first impression even before you’ve started your pitch! Going with the right kind of presentation format and not holding the loose papers in your hands looks much more professional and put together, giving your brand a cohesive look. A simple, customized Foil Presentation Folder has the power to embody your company’s philosophy as well as show your business partners, investors, or clients that you’re serious about what you do.

Use Case And Applications

  • Companies can use them at conferences, corporate presentations, seminars, trade shows, quarterly board meetings, and workshops.
  • A professional way to send or present marketing materials, invoices, quotes, reports, contracts, and other official papers to clients.
  • Perfect for sending a subtle marketing message, adding to your brand image for PR campaigns.
  • Useful in the professional and educational environment.

Increase Brand Awareness With Foil Presentation Folders

Print Magic offers stellar printing services for creating Customized Foil Presentation Folders in several sizes and personalization options. Print well-designed and stylish print products with your custom designs using our cutting-edge printing technology to ensure your final product looks ultra-professional. Always make sure to create a lasting impression on everyone you meet with our superior printing services. Get full-color CMYK printing that is fade-resistant and long-lasting on just the outside of the Folder with metallic elements that stand out and highlight certain parts of your design. This could be the logo, custom artwork, or some promotional text. You can upload your desired design to our website using the simple to use Uploader Tool and ensure your artwork fits inside the layout guidelines. Pick your customization options and we will take care of the printing as well as offer free proofing services!We offer five size options for printing your Customized Foil Presentation Folders on 17 different paper stock options ranging from white semi-gloss, white high-gloss, black linen, navy linen, white silk, and more. Add a Pocket to just the right side of the Folder or to both sides with the option for durable and sturdier reinforced edges. You can also add Business Card Slits to the left, right, or both sides for visibly displaying your contact details, office address, and website. At Print Magic, you can print 50 to 5000 Foil Presentation Folders per order and get shipping in 1 to 7 business days.Foil Color -Print Magic offers amazing quality printing with 13 available Foil color options. Add a metallic element to your Presentation Folder by incorporating any of our available colors into the design. It is a great way to highlight certain elements such as your logo or a slogan and let them stand out. The shiny look of your Folders is sure to look attractive and elevate your design!
  • Add a metallic effect to your Folders and create a special printed product to set yourself apart.
  • Add foil colors such as gold, green, silver, red, black, and more to elevate your design and make it look bold and stunning.
  • Add Foil printing elements on the outside of the Folder.
Design Services -Avail Design Services for your Foil Presentation Folders by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, completely unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and delivered to your doorstep!


Which Foil color options are available for printing metallic Presentation Folders?
Print Magic leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering customizations to our customers. When you choose to add Foil elements to your custom design, you can do so in 13 different metallic color options without having to compromise or settle. We offer - Black, Red, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Silver, Dull Silver, White, Green, Copper, Gold, Dull Gold, and Clear
What size are the Pockets inside the Foil Presentation Folder?
Most standard Pockets inside Presentation Folders are 4” high in size as this size is perfect for holding multiple documents and papers in place without the Folder becoming too bulky. But you can get a 2.75” Pocket inside if you choose to print 6" x 9” Foil Presentation Folders.
  • 9" x 12” Presentation Folders come with a 4” Pocket inside
  • 9.375" x 12” Presentation Folders come with a 4” Pocket inside
  • 9" x 14.5” Presentation Folders come with a- 4” Pocket inside
  • 6" x 9” Presentation Folders come with a 2.75” Pocket inside
  • 4" x 9” Presentation Folders come with a 4” Pocket inside
The Horizontal Business Card Slits are placed 2.5” from the center fold of the Folder, 1” from the top, and .75” from the bottom of the Pocket. Vertical slits are placed 3.25” from the outside cutline, .25” from the top and bottom of the Pockets, and 3.5” from the center fold.
What size options are available for Custom Foil Presentation Folder Printing?
We offer several small too large Custom Foil Presentation Folder sizes for printing. Pick from -
  • 9" x 12" (Standard) - Most common size of Presentation Folders used for personal or professional use.
  • 9.375" x 12" (Expandable) - Wider spines offer more space to add important documents and papers to your Folder and pack a big informational punch!
  • 9" x 14.5" (Legal) - Used mostly by legal businesses as part of their daily proceedings to submit legal-size official court documents, legal letters, and more.
  • 6" x 9" (Mini) - Small size Presentation Folders that are compact and portable, allowing you to easily transport them around or store in bulk.
  • 4" x 9" (Literature) - These Presentation Folders are the perfect size to house Brochures and Rack Cards for client meetings and presentations.
Do you offer reinforced edges for the Pockets inside the Presentation Folders?
Yes, we offer the choice of adding reinforced edges to the Pockets if you want to make them more durable and capable of holding more documents. You can add reinforced edges to just the right side Pocket of the Folder or to both sides.
What is the difference between Foil Presentation Folders and Pearl Metallic Presentation Folders?
Print Magic offers different paper stock and special element options for printing Custom Presentation Folders.Foil Presentation Folders - Add a metallic element to your Presentation Folder by incorporating any of our available 13 Foil colors into the design. It is a great way to highlight certain elements such as your logo or a slogan and let them stand out. The shiny look of your Folders is sure to look attractive and elevate your design!Pearl Metallic Presentation Folders - This paper choice creates a beautiful, shiny effect on the custom printed design and text. The shimmery paper stock is enticing and adds interest to your design. The thick paper can take quite a beating and can withstand heavy printing processes, while still managing to make your design shine! The subtle texture and sheen of the paper have a rich, luminous effect that stays noticeable no matter the choice of colors you use.