Raised Spot UV Business Cards
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Raised Spot UV Business Cards

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  • 50 Micron raised height
  • Velvet soft-touch lamination for a silky smooth feel
  • Raised Spot UV on 1 or 2 sides
  • Premium Cardstock – 16 pt. C2S paper stock

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Unique Raised Spot UV Business Cards

With Raised Spot UV Business Cards you can highlight a logo or design and add an element of sophistication to your product. Printing Raised Spot UV Business Cards is an appealing way of creating eye-catching designs that are surprisingly affordable. Raised Spot UV creates a raised effect that feels nice to touch, while the glossy effect on certain parts of your custom design creates a beautiful Business Card to look at.

Reasons for printing a Raised Spot UV Business Cards:

  • Great tool for building brand awareness
  • Help enhance the legitimacy of any company and professional

Choose a shape as unique as your business to impress customers. Print your Raise Spot UV Business Cards at Print Magic and get amazing printing and designing services at your fingertips. You can also have a look at other Business Card options like the Standard Business Cards, Die-Cut Business Cards, Foil Business Cards, metallic and full-color gradient Akuafoil Business Cards and Spot UV Business Cards.

Raised Spot UV Business Cards At Print Magic

When you print Raised Spot UV Business Cards with PrintMagic, put a custom spin on the design and create a visiting card that looks interesting and attractive at first sight effortlessly. Choose from custom printing options for a creative twist, but make sure to not overuse the raised spot UV effect otherwise it will look overloaded and lose its special charm.

  • Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock with Velvet Soft Touch lamination that feels smooth and luxurious.
  • Option to print and use Raised Spot UV on one or both sides.
  • Print in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Picking the right orientation is important to represent your Business Card design the best way.
  • 3.5" x 2" Standard Business Card size.
  • Print between 100 to 500 Raised Spot UV Business Cards at a time and get them delivered in 2-4 business days.

Raised Spot UV effect adds a 60-micron lift to certain parts of the design, logo, or text to create an elevated feel with an embossed finish. The process includes applying a clear polymer to only some areas which need to stand out. Choose Raised Spot UV Business Cards to bring a realistic texture to your design and create a unique background when the effect if used properly. If you are not looking for a raised effect but want to apply Spot UV, have a look at our Spot UV Business Cards instead.

Avail Design Services for Raised Spot UV Business Cards at the click of a button. Add this service to the above calculator and give us your required custom specifications. We will create the design from scratch, unique to your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will readily print it for you and deliver the printed product to your doorstep! If you are looking for a custom shaped size, fill in the custom quote form. Once we receive the specifications from you, our team of expert designers will create custom business cards basis your specifications.

Remember that Spot UV Business Cards need "Mask files" to be set up properly and our Design Experts can help setup and ensure Perfect Prints. Our team can also give good recommendations on which are the most important Spot UV areas of Business Cards, so don’t forget to reach out for tips!


What is a Foil Mask File?

When you order your printed product with special finishes such as foil stamping or raised foil, please prepare, and submit an extra artwork mask file for Foil finish representation along with your CMYK artwork. This extra artwork file is called Foil Mask File.

Gold Foil CMYK Artwork

Preparing Mask file: Create a black and white pdf file with black color values of K = 100% (C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100). Black areas represent where you want the foil or raised foil finish to be applied and white means no finish will be applied.

Prepare Separation/Mask file
Mapping the CMYK over Mask File for checking alignment
What services do you offer in design services?

When you select design services for any of the products especially business cards. When we received your requirements:

  • We design the business card basis your requirement
  • Once the design is ready, we share it with you for the feedback
  • If you have selected the basic package, we share with you one design option and 3 free revisions if you need any changes in the elements of the design. If you need more options, you can choose from Gold and Platinum packages.
  • Post your feedback, a print-ready high resolution file along with the mock up showing the finish choices you have selected. Once it is good to go, you can go ahead with printing the high-resolution file. The high resolution files shared can be used multiple times for printing for re-order.
Do you offer mask files needed for special finishes?

Yes. We do offer mask files for the following finishes:

  • Foil
  • Raised Foil
  • Spot UV
  • Raised Spot UV
  • Akuafoil
  • Brownkraft with White Mask
  • Die Cut: We require is the die-line file; the file which mentions where the paper needs to be cut and should be of the vector size.
  • Contour cut: This file includes the cut to the corners and it is a special type of finish. This type is primarily used for decals.

Paper & Specs

Paper Stock
Additional Details
Sizes :
3.5" x 2"
Quantities :
100 to 500
Printed Side :
Front & Back, Front Only

Download Templates

Business Cards Layout Templates

To guide you with your design accurately, we had prepared a number of templates for your use. Choose a file format and a size and click the links to download.
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