Foil Business Cards
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Foil Business Cards

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  • Adds an elegant and stylish foil effect
  • 7 foil color choices including gold foil, copper foil, red foil
  • UV coating makes the Business Card durable
  • Printing and Spot UV on one or both sides

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Foil Business Card Printing and Understanding Foil Stamping

Foil business cards not only stand out because they are different from the standard ones; they also emphasize what's important as your business logo. These are printed with perfection helping us confidently say that they are the best ones! We have multiple paper stock options and 7 different foil colors - Gold Foil, Black Foil, Blue Foil, Copper Foil, Red Foil, Rose Gold Foil, and Silver Foil giving you options to customize the way you like it. Create a dazzling impression by printing metallic foil business cards. If you are looking for metallic foil or CMYK foil or full-color foil or foils with gradients, check our Akuafoil Business Card. It can be combined with a Spot UV finish which will make your business cards look elegant.

Reasons to print Foil Business Cards:

  • Superior finish business cards for high ranking employees in your company
  • Put your best foot forward when you meet clients and important business partners
  • Any industry can use them; be it Real Estate, Hotel and Restaurants, Small and Large Businesses, Consultants, Freelancers, Professors, Teachers and much more
  • Works as a professional identifier and marketing tool when distributing contact information

Understanding Foil Stamping: Foil stamping goes back to the olden days where skilled artists and molten gold were used to create those books. Post the book sizing, golden leaf were manually laid on the cover and then was placed in a hot-stamping press to get the desired stamp.

The way foil printing is done is simply amazing. A thin foil strip either gold or whatever color you choose is threaded to a foil press machine. A blank card (business card, greeting card, or invitation card) is kept under the foil. The heat and pressure are applied which leaves an impression on the paper and voila! A perfect shiny paper is ready! Nowadays, these embossings are even done digitally by placing the paper first with the text or image you desired to be foiled.

Things to keep in mind when printing a foil business card

Size and Shape: We offer printing in the standard sizes in rectangle and square shapes.

We print Full-color printing available either on one side or on both sides.

Paper Stock Options to choose from:

Choosing the right paper stock will not only impress your clients but also help you make a great first impression. We have two paper stock options to choose from:

  • Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S: This paper stock is of 16pt thickness and has a high gloss finish helping the images to pop up making it perfect for printing photos. It is also water-resistant.
  • Standard Uncoated - 14 pt.: This paper stock is of 14pt thickness and slightly lighter than the Standard Cardstock - 14 pt. C2S paper stock and gives you a textured and natural paper feel. This paper stock allows you to write with pens, pencils, and markers.

Rounded Corners: Print Magic offers the option of some or all rounded corners to help you create the kind of Rounded Corner Business Cards look you are going for. You will get these options whether you choose to print a rectangle shape or square shape Business Card. You can choose from two rounded corner or all rounded corners with the rounding circumference 1/4" (0.250") 0r 1/8" (0.125")

Protection: A silk lamination is added to your business cards which makes them water and tear-resistant.

Coating: Spot UV coating is added to highlight certain elements in your design

Some tips to make the most out of your foil business cards:

  • Contrast: Pick a background color that lets your foil design stand out.
  • Font Size: To make the elements in your design are readable, use 8pt size or higher.
  • Margins: All business cards are generally printed on large sheets and while cutting them into desired sizes, there can be slight variation.

Remember that Foil Business Cards need "Mask files" to be set up properly and our Design Experts can help setup and ensure Perfect Prints. Our team can also give good recommendations on which are the most important Foil areas of Business Cards, so don’t forget to reach out for tips! These are required as below:

Foil Printing on the Front:

  • Front Side Artwork
  • Front Foil Mask Artwork

Foil Printing on Both Sides:

  • Front Side Artwork
  • Front Foil Mask Artwork
  • Back Side Artwork
  • Back Foil Mask Artwork

To be sure that your designs don't get cut during the process, ensure that all your designs within the bleed. Use our design services will help you create your foil business cards as per your requirement.


What is Foil Printing?

Foil printing is the process of applying a thin coat of metallic or pigmented foil to paper stock using a combination of heat, and pressure. It is used to create a special looking printed piece on your artwork. Foil printing is the best way to give your products a high-end and customized look with effects such as elegant metallics, ultra-glossy colors, and high-tech effects.

What is Foil printing
What is a Foil Mask File?

When you order your printed product with special finishes such as foil stamping or raised foil, please prepare, and submit an extra artwork mask file for Foil finish representation along with your CMYK artwork. This extra artwork file is called Foil Mask File.

Gold Foil CMYK Artwork

Preparing Mask file: Create a black and white pdf file with black color values of K = 100% (C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100). Black areas represent where you want the foil or raised foil finish to be applied and white means no finish will be applied.

Prepare Separation/Mask file
Mapping the CMYK over Mask File for checking alignment
What services do you offer in design services?

When you select design services for any of the products especially business cards. When we received your requirements:

  • We design the business card basis your requirement
  • Once the design is ready, we share it with you for feedback
  • If you have selected the basic package, we share with you one design option and 3 free revisions if you need any changes in the elements of the design. If you need more options, you can choose from Gold and Platinum packages.
  • Post your feedback, a print-ready high resolution file along with the mock up showing the finish choices you have selected. Once it is good to go, you can go ahead with printing the high-resolution file. The high resolution files shared can be used multiple times for printing for re-order.

Paper & Specs

Paper Stock
Additional Details
Sizes :
2.5" x 2.5", 3.375" x 2.125, 3.5" x 1.5", 3.5" x 1.75", 3.5" x 2"
Quantities :
250 to 5000
Printed Side :
Front & Back, Front Only

Download Templates

Business Cards Layout Templates

To guide you with your design accurately, we had prepared a number of templates for your use. Choose a file format and a size and click the links to download.
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