Unique Shapes To Print Custom Business Cards For Your Company

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Unique Shapes To Print Custom Business Cards For Your Company - feature Image | PrintMagic

Custom Business Cards are an essential product for all brands and professionals and work as an efficient way of distributing your contact details. They help you get acquainted with customers, prospects, business associates, and other like-minded people in your industry. There’s no better way to leave a reminder of your brand and services than with Professional Business Card Printing.

Standard Business Cards are rectangular shaped, but with modern printing techniques available now, you can get several custom shapes created as well. Step away from what’s normal and print a product that looks completely unique and attractive. When you don’t want to use the standard business card size, using a different shape can help print one of a kind Custom Business Cards that offer several layouts and design opportunities.

Here are some modern and different shapes that will allow you to make print products that truly depict your brand.

Square Business Cards

Go for a small size Custom Business Card with Square Business Cards that are slightly different than their traditional variants. They can still be used in conventional contexts and work best with equilateral or even circular designs.

Slim Business Cards

Make a statement with Slim Business Cards that have proportions just a little different than rectangular Business Cards. Create several visual possibilities with this thinner proportion of the Custom Business Cards that will suit a design with short phrases or a longer horizontal design.

Circle Business Cards

Play around with a circular shaped Business Card that offers a symmetrical surface area for printing. These Circle Business Cards are especially useful when your logo is also a circle in shape and allows you to create compact Business Cards!

Leaf Business Cards

Leaf shape Premium Business Cards always stand out in nearly any context, no matter what kind of business or profession you want to use it for. These unique shaped Leaf Business Cards suggest a flowing movement for your design, logo, and text, as well as gives an eco-friendly and natural look.

Rounded Corner Business Cards

Choose rounded corners for your Business Card Printing as they provide reduced creasing and folding of your print product. Rounded Corner Business Cards are perfect to show off your attention to detail when it comes to designing brand marketing materials. With this very different looking shape, you can even add decorative borders to the design and better take advantage of the available printing space.

Two Rounded Corner Business Cards

Create dynamic Business Card Designs that also look balanced and work well for modern and entrepreneurial businesses. Showoff a circular seal or logo in the corners to match and utilize the space on this unusual shape with cleaver designs and elements. Two Rounded Corner Business Cards also add a point of interest to your Custom Business Card.

Slim Rounded Corner Business Cards

Print elegant looking Slim Rounded Corner Business Cards that are a visually striking way to share your company contact details. The thinner layout provides a slight departure from the standard rectangular shape that can be used for adding longer horizontal logos. These Premium Business Cards work well with logos and icons that have a roughly equal-sided design.

Square Rounded Corner Business Cards

Adding rounded corners to your square shape Business Cards is perfect for depicting designs and logos with round visual elements. Print tasteful Square Rounded Corner Business Cards that are a new and updated take on what Business Cards should look like! Rounded corners are easier to maintain as they don’t get snagged or torn easily and offer a smoother look and finish to your print product.

Die-Cut Business Cards

Apart from all the above options, you can also choose to print Die-Cut Business Cards that can be printed in any shape that you like. Get your Business Cards printed in the shape of your logo, an icon, or any other shape associated with your business. For instance, businesses that sell vehicles can print their Business Cards in the shape of a car, or businesses in the pet industry can get Custom Business Cards in the shape of a paw!

where can I get business cards made?

Print Magic is a one stop shop for all your Business Cards Online printing needs. Order Business Cards from us and get affordable rates for products that come with several customization options for size, paper, coating, shape, and much more! We also offer free proofing services and expert Design Services to print amazing and high-quality products. Get free Business Card Templates for download if you need help with layout guidelines.

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