Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags
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Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags

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  • Add a metallic element to your Custom Bottle Necker
  • Choose from six Foil colors like Black, Copper, Red, Gold
  • Silk lamination on Premium Cardstock – 16 pt. C2S paper stock
  • The shiny Foil is eye-catching and attractive looking

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Make An Impression With Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags

Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags let you add a metallic element to your branding and promotional product. Make an impression on your customers with superior printing options and get Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags Printing that is sure to catch their attention! The metallic shimmer and shine is the perfect way to highlight your Hang Tag design, logo, or product information and ensure your message gets across to customers. Foil printing draws the eye to your product, pricing, or Call To Action. It is also often used for marketing premium products or promotional offers by small to large brands. Print Metallic Hang Tags for bottles to spruce up your existing print design and add a little extra shimmer and shine that helps you put your best foot forward.

Why Get Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags Printing?

  • Price Hang Tags
  • Sales Hang Tags for premium items
  • Luxury product Hang Tags
  • Personalized Gift Hang Tags for weddings

Premium Quality Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags Printing

Get Custom Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags Printing done at Print Magic for amazing printing results and customization options. We offer double-sided printing to maximize space and create full-color, fade-resistant Custom Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags. The Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock comes in the standard 2.125" x 5” size with Silk lamination. You can also add Spot UV coating to the front, back, or both sides to further enhance your design. The special Foil element can be added to one or both sides as classic Gold Foil Hang Tags or in other metallic colors. Each Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tag comes with a Bottle Necker Die Cut that fits long-necked bottles such as wine bottles. Get free proofing services on every order along with a quick turnaround time and flexible order quantities.

Design Services -

Avail Design Services for your Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags Printing by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, completely unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and delivered to your doorstep!


What foil elements can I add to Bottle Neck Hang Tags?

Whether you want to print Gold Foil Hang Tags or silver ones, Print Magic offers amazing quality printing with six available Foil colors. Print Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags with brilliant results that stand out. Add a metallic effect on your product and create a special marketing material to set yourself apart. You can add Foil on one or both sides depending on the amount of information you want to print. We offer Black, Blue, Copper, Red, Silver, and Bottle Neck Gold Foil Hang Tags for printing.

The Foil printing process is achieved by using heat and pressure along with metallic or foil ink. The process creates a unique shiny design that looks spectacular and eye-catching. Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags demand attention from customers and prospects and are the preferred choice for using with products!

What kind of bottles do these Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags fit?

Our Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags can be used for all kinds of bottles that have a long neck. They are most popularly used as Wine Bottle Hang Tags and are easily used on bottles that are shaped similarly. The Standard 1.25" Bottle Necker Die Cut hole offers slight flexibility as it comes with slits around the edges. This allows you to easily slide the Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags over the top of any bottle and get a secure hold.

What is Silk Lamination?

Silk lamination is the best way to elevate your design and enhance the product’s color while still providing a readable format that has a luxurious finish. Make your Custom Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags stand out while making the product look and feel amazing. The addition of Silk lamination makes them tear-resistant and lets you use your product for a long time to come. Print these premium products in bulk to get a cost-effective and unique way of promoting your products and services.

  • Water and tear-resistant lamination that always looks as good as new.
  • Silk is smooth and elegant to the touch while being easy on the eyes.
  • High-gloss and luxurious Silk effect ensures your product stands apart from the rest!
What is Spot UV Coating when printing Personalized Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags?

Add a luxurious element to your Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags and make them look special and unique by choosing to use Spot UV coating. This creates a contrasting effect and makes your product look extra shiny, helping you print Custom Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags that represent your brand well and display your product details in style! Adding Spot UV coating also makes the paper more durable and long-lasting. At Print Magic, you can choose to add Spot UV to one or both sides of the product.

What is Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock?

Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S paper stock provides a high gloss look that makes the printed colors pop for any design or image. It is a water-resistant paper that has a smooth and bright white-colored resin coating for added durability. The paper also adds a beautiful sheen and smooth surface, providing vibrant and bright colors for Custom Bottle Neck Foil Hang Tags.

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Hang Tags Layout Templates

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