Election Printing For Every Campaign

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Political Brochures

  • One page, 2, 3, 4, and 6-panel Campaign Brochures
  • 11 fold styles like Z-Fold, Half-Fold, Roll Fold
  • An interactive guide to display vital information to voters
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Political Banners

  • Catch attention with high-resolution printing
  • Various banner types with self-supporting stands available
  • Retractable, Step and Repeat, Vinyl, and more Political Banners
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Political T-Shirts

  • Great promotional products for fundraising
  • A uniform look for your core team at events
  • Easy to customize, print, and distribute to supporters
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Political Hand Sanitizer

  • Useful and necessary products with a custom political theme
  • Rally your supporters with products that make a difference
  • Promotional items that display your campaign’s message
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Political Postcards

  • Sturdy paper stock and premium finishes
  • Great for Direct Mailing or EDDM
  • Matte, Aqueous or UV coating Political Postcards
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Political Stickers

  • Self-sticking adhesive is easy to peel and stick
  • Versatile and eye-catching marketing tool
  • Political Bumper Stickers, Roll, Die-Cut, Vinyl, Oval, Round and more
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Political Flyers

  • Affordable, easy to print, and quick to distribute
  • Thick, premium paper stock and coating options
  • Flat and folded Election Flyers
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Political Business Cards

  • Pick from different shapes, sizes or custom dimensions
  • 23 Campaign Business Card varieties to choose from
  • Premium elements like Foil, Pearl Metallic, Spot UV, and more
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Car Magnets

  • Long-lasting magnetic stock
  • Car Magnets create awareness on the road
  • Seen by hundreds of people on the road everyday
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Door Hangers

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Bumper Stickers

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Stress Balls

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Rack Cards

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Political Caps

Political Campaign Printing

When running in a political campaign, creating awareness is the one most important thing candidates must do. In order to reach as many voters as possible, one must make sure to use the power of offline and online marketing strategies as they are significantly helpful to spread the word about your political aspirations quickly.

When using social media to reach your supporters, it’s easy to scroll past important posts and forget about them due to the large amount of information we are consuming at a fast pace. But when using offline marketing materials to further your campaign’s reach, you can provide something tangible that is more memorable. When a passerby sees a Election Poster stuck to the wall or a Political Flyers kept at a reception desk, they are more likely to take a minute and process what they are reading.

If you are running for office, using every way possible to reach voters and make them understand your cause and campaign is pertinent. So while a mix of online and offline promotions is necessary, using print marketing can help in increasing the likelihood of your information being recalled.

Strengthen your image among potential voters and make sure every printed product you send out looks perfect and represents what you believe. Using custom print products like Campaign Brochures and Political Flyers to send out your message is the best way to be heard. They also help in creating networking and fundraising opportunities, whether you are running for Sherif, Judge, Mayor, City Council, Governor or President!

Political Campaign Printing At Print Magic

Make sure every product you send out represents you and your campaign in a professional manner. Election Printing is one of the best ways to reach your electorate and ask them to support you. Every campaign needs a voice, no matter how big or small. Incorporating effective print and promotional products into your campaign marketing strategy is a great step towards success, but what can push you even further towards the winning line is well-designed and printed material.

  • Full-color, fade-resistant printing across all products to enhance your designs and attract attention.
  • Several small to large size options and materials available for each category to ensure your printed products are to your exact requirements.
  • Pick premium finishes and coating options to print products that are long-lasting.
  • Get quick shipping options and small to large order quantities to meet all your needs.

Whether you are running a national campaign or a local political campaign, Print Magic offers a barrage of Political Campaign Printing products that are perfect for you. We also offer Design Services for Political Campaigns and can help you create a look that represents you in every price of communication. Our experienced design experts and customer services will help you along the way!

  • Political Hand Sanitiser – Send out promotional products that meet consumer needs while spreading your campaign’s message!
  • Political Brochures – Send detailed information regarding your campaign and keep your electorate interested.
  • Political Banners – With several different varieties available, these are one of the best ways to use large format printing to target your voter audience.
  • Political T-shirts – Promotional products that draw attention to your campaign and let people show their support.
  • Political Postcards – Best product to send through Direct Targeted Mailing or EDDM to reach targeted audiences in your constituency.
  • Political Stickers – Mail or handout promotional stickers to people so they can wear them and show their support for you.
  • Political Flyers – Reach a wider voter audience with cost-effecting materials that can be distributed easily.
  • Political Business Cards – Distribute your contact details with ease and let your voters remember you.
  • Car Magnets – Promotional Car Magnets to reach more voters when on the road.
  • Door Hangers – Reach voters at their homes and create a promotional opportunity that is hard to miss.
  • Pens – Giveaway or sell necessary items with customized printing in the form of useful stationery!
  • Bumper Sticker – Let your supports flaunt their love for you on their vehicles and spread the message!
  • Stress Ball – Create a no-stress environment in the office with these easy to use anywhere promotional items.
  • Letterheads – Create a professional way of communicating with your voters or others in the office.
  • Envelopes – Easy to recognize, custom Envelopes have a higher chance of being opened and read.
  • Political Caps – Let your political message be seen everywhere you or your supporters go!

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