Door Hangers
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Door Hangers

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  • Door hangers that securely attach to all doorknobs
  • Attractive and full color printing
  • Printed on premium paper stock
  • Perforations for adding coupons or cards
  • Ready shipping within 1-2 business days

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Unlock Business Opportunities with Custom Door Hangers

Companies are always looking for an innovative way to impress your customers. One such product that can go unnoticed and a subtle way of promoting your offers are Door Hangers. Consider by printing designs on both sides which includes all the relevant business details which appeal to your customers and potential prospects.

Here at PrintMagic, we offer custom door hanger printing specific to your business needs. Print door hangers in the five sizes available and you have the option to choose from different paper stock options available.

Thinking of adding perforation to give that additional edge? The perforation available is optional for adding your contact information, coupons or additional deals. Order from 250 up to 25000 prints per order and have them printed within 1-2 business days. Just check our pricing options and place your order.

Use Case And Applications

  • Reach your target consumers directly and effectively for promoting your business, products or even advocacy campaigns.
  • Promote sales, a new range of products, upcoming discounts, and store walk-in offers with coupons that can be torn off.
  • They can be used as do not disturb hangers for hotels, or for events to lead people to the right rooms.
  • Used by various industries that deal with the public such as real estate, medical clinics, lawyers, landscapers, pizzerias, and more.

Get Attractive Custom Printed Door Hangers

We print custom door hangers that stands out and get noticed instantly. With amazing printing quality, premium coating, paper stock, and lamination options, we assure that our products are of high quality. Don't worry, we even print custom designs as per your needs and branding requirements.

When it comes to quality, we promise amazing printing quality that is bright and vibrant. With our superior printing processes, we ensure that your design stands out successfully conveying the message about your business.

Die Cut Options -

Standard Die Cut - Features a standard circular hole at the top that easily slides over any doorknob.

Arch Die Cut - Has an arch opening at the top that is bigger and accommodates almost all door handles.

Starburst Die Cut - This has a starburst cut at the top of the hanger that snugly fits and doesn’t fall off easily even if the door is open and closed multiple times.

Free Proofing Services -

You can upload your pre-made design for Custom Door Hangers on our website using our easy to use Uploader Tool. Once you submit your design, we provide free proofing services to ensure everything is in place. Apart from ensuring the design fits perfectly in the printing lines, we also check for grammatical errors and typos. Once checked, the design is sent back to you for final confirmation and only then sent for printing.

Design Services -

Avail Design Services for Custom Printed Door Hangers by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, very unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get the printing done and deliver them to your doorstep!

Check out Logo Printing Services which will help you design your custom logos for your door hangers.

Is front and back full-color printing possible?

Yes, We provide full-color printing on the front and back with your custom design on Standard, Premium Gloss, and Standard Uncoated Paper Stock. You can even add aqueous or UV coating to your door hangers.

What quantity of door hangers can be printed?

We offer flexible printing quantities of 250 and 25,000. Buy in sets and save more with shipping!

What is the turnaround time for delivery?

Depending on the quantity, we deliver custom printed door hangers ranging from 1-7 business days

What are the sizes available for printing?

We have door hangers from small to large sizes depending on what you are using it for. We offer 5 size options ranging from 3.5"x11" to 4.24"x14" that are perfect for printing any details and promoting your brand and products.

What are the different types of paper stock?

There are 5 types of paper stock available for printing. They are:

  • Standard Cardstock - 14 pt. C2S - Glossy paper has an excellent opaque base that is perfect for rich color printing.
  • Standard Gloss Text - 100 lb. - This glossy paper is different from its variants in weight and is as thick as a magazine cover.
  • Standard Gloss Cover - 100 lb. - Slightly thicker than its Text variant, this paper stock is stiffer and about as thick as a baseball card.
  • Premium Cardstock - 16 pt. C2S - High-gloss and shiny look that provides a luxurious feel to the design.
  • Standard Uncoated - 14 pt. - Most writable paper stock that provides an affordable option for printing
What is coating and why is it needed?

Coating adds a finish and feel to your door hangers. They come in two options - UV Coating and Aqueous Coating.

What are the different types of coating available?

There are two types of coating available - UV and Aqueous. UV Coating is an ultra-shiny gloss coating often referred to as liquid lamination which gives your door hangers a stunning, vibrant, and almost wet appearing look that makes your design and colors pop adding to durability. The aqueous coating has a beautiful shiny surface that looks attractive and provides a premium look. This high gloss coating is durable and protects the printed products.

Do you provide free proofing service?

Yes, we do! You can upload your pre-made design on our website using the Uploader Tool. Once you submit the design, we provide free proofing services to ensure everything is in place. Apart from ensuring the design fits perfectly in the printing lines, we also check for grammatical errors and typos. Once checked, the design is sent back to you for final confirmation and only then sent for printing.

Paper & Specs

Paper Stock
Additional Details
Sizes :
3.5" x 11", 3.5" x 8.5", 4" x 7", 4.25" x 11", 4.25" x 14"
Quantities :
250 to 25000
Printed Side :
Color Front Only

Download Templates

Door Hangers Layout Templates

To guide you with your design accurately, we had prepared a number of templates for your use. Choose a file format and a size and click the links to download.
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