Perforated Vehicle Decals
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Perforated Vehicle Decals

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3.8 / 5
  • Feature a 50/50 micro-perforated pattern
  • Advanced four-color printing process for vibrant results
  • Easily stick to the outside of your vehicle windows
  • Weather, abrasion, and fade-resistant

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Perforated Vehicle Decals For Mobile Promotions

Print amazing looking window graphics with Custom Perforated Vehicle Decals that are the perfect solution for sticking on car windows. Popularly used on the rear window, these decals provide great visibility for any promotion or brand advertising design printed on it. Perforated Vehicle Decals have a 50/50 micro-perforated pattern which means it has 50% vinyl material and 50% micro punctures, allowing the design to show solid from the outside but still provide visibility from the inside!

These rear window graphics provide a lot of print surface to easily create a beautiful custom design featuring your message and promotion. The see-through feature from the inside allows zero obstruction when driving or looking out of the window. They can be easily applied to the outside of the vehicle’s window and are made with durable acrylic material that is weather-resistant and does not get damaged by rain or harsh sunlight. The UV inks used to print them also make the decals fade-resistant, making them long-lasting and durable.

Use Case And Applications

  • They are great to display logos, catchy slogans, promotional messages, and beautiful artwork.
  • Popularly used on the rear window of cars, jeeps, vans, commercial vehicles, and more.
  • Used to advertise business opportunities by catering companies, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and contractors.
  • Used on public transport vehicles such as buses and taxis for promotional purposes.

High-Quality Perforated Vehicle Decals

Perforated Vehicle Decal Printing is a great opportunity for marketing and helps create a focus on brand awareness. These cost-effective marketing materials are adaptable and versatile for vehicle windows using logos, catchy slogans, and beautiful artwork. Print Magic’s advanced printing processes offer resolute visibility when using Decals to ensure it is perfectly visible from the outside.
  • Full-color printing on the front with UV inks that are fade-resistant and provide a vibrant look.
  • Available in several customizable sizes ranging from 6" x 6" up to a maximum of 54" x 120" in increments of 1 inch.
  • Choice of two materials to pick from - Laminate Perforated Adhesive Vinyl and Perforated Adhesive Vinyl.
  • Order 1 to 150 decals per order with quick shipping options of 2 to 4 business days.
One-Way Vision -A unique feature of Perforated Vehicle Decals is that it provides a one-way vision that means while the people on the inside of the window can look outside, people on the outside cannot look inside but will only be able to see the beautiful decal design. This allows for an unobstructed view for the driver as the decal only adds a slight tint when looking out.Easy to install on the outside of vehicle windows -With an adhesive backing, these Perforated Vehicle Decals don’t need any additional tools for installation and can be put up quickly. Placing the Decal on the outside of the window also provides high visibility and there is no chance of glare. The adhesive is such that when you remove the decal from the window, it does not leave any sticky residue to damage the glass.High quality and durable -Perforated Vehicle Decals are weatherproof and waterproof as they are created to be used outdoors and be stuck on the outside of the vehicle’s window. It can withstand harsh elements like sun and rain without getting ruined and has a lifespan of about 3 to 4 years. Apart from durability, these Decals are also printed in full-color that looks vibrant and high-quality, ensuring your design and promotion attract attention. Using advanced printing processes, the final product looks bright and clearly represents your marketing design.Design Services -Avail Design Services for Perforated Vehicle Decals by adding it to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, very unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and deliver them to your doorstep!


How do I measure the dimensions for the rear window decal?
As rear windows are rarely a perfect square or rectangle, the easiest way to make sure your vehicle decal fits the rear window is by measuring the largest height and the largest width of the surface. This will allow you to print a decal that completely fits the rear window and you can trim off the excess after application.
What is the size of each micropuncture on the Perforated Vehicle Decal?
Perforated Vehicle Decals come with micro punctures that are the size of 1.5 mm or .06” each. They are extremely small and cover about 50% of the Decal.
Can vehicle decals be applied on the inside of the window?
Perforated Vehicle Decals are only meant to be applied to the outside of the vehicle’s window due to the kind of material used to make them. A reverse print is not possible and applying them inside will reduce visibility as well. If you want to use decals that can be placed on the inside, you can try our Clear Vehicle Decals.
Is glass the only surface perforated decals can stick to?
Technically speaking, Perforated Vehicle Decals can be stuck to any non-porous surface that is smooth, but they are specifically made for clear glass surfaces due to its one-way vision feature. You can use Opaque Vehicle Decals and Clear Vehicle Decals if you wish to stick them on the vehicle’s sides.
Do the micro punctures on the perforated material get clogged easily with dirt and reduce visibility over time?
Due to the thin laminate applied on top of Perforated Vehicle Decals, they do not accumulate dust and dirt on them. This allows the clarity of the print to remain the same for however long you use them!

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