X-Banner Stands
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X-Banner Stands

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  • Locking tripod stand design and built-in hooks for quick set up
  • The frame keeps the printed graphics taut and clearly displayed
  • Used at stores, offices, conferences, trade shows, are more
  • High resolution and digitally printed full-color banner

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Portable Display X-Banner Stands

A lightweight and portable solution, X-Banner Stands are used for every company’s on-the-go display promotional needs. They are a great way of printing cost-effective and vibrant print products that catch the attention of customers and prospects while displaying your message or what you have to offer. These are a long-lasting solution for affordable trade show tools and portable exhibition stands required by every industry. X-banner Stand Printing is popularly used for conferences, trade shows, and other corporate events where you interact with customers or industry peers, promoting your brand and their products and services.

The uniqueness of the X-Banner Stand lies in its base that is quick to set up, stays in place, and clearly displays the message printed on it. These banner stands are best used indoors and have a long lifespan of over 3 years if used and maintained properly. The tripod base increases the stability of the banner and securely keeps your display in place without wrinkling or bending. These versatile and flexible exhibition stands can be easily transported from one place to another without causing damage and make a great investment for businesses of all sizes.

Use Case And Applications

  • Popularly used at theaters, spas, display booths, conferences, trade shows, concerts, fairs, restaurants, and malls.
  • X-Banner Stands make the perfect tool for promoting products and services as a point of purchase display.
  • Display new products, services, sales, deals, and advertise your brand.
  • Use them at your office for client meetings, conference rooms, lobby promotions, product displays, and more.

Custom X-banner Stand Printing For Every Industry

X-Banner Stands are a go-to for all businesses due to their lightweight construction, portability, and durability. You can also change the banner on the stand without having to purchase a new one, allowing you to maximize your investment. These banners come as a base stand, 2 poles, and the banner, all conveniently kept in a safe carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. The biggest benefit of these banner stands is that they can be folded down into a more manageable size to take from one event to another.Print Magic offers several customizable options for X-Banner Stand Printing, so you can create a unique and one of a kind promotional display that matches your brand’s identity. Print these large format print products in 24" x 63” and 32" x 71” sizes with full-color printing on one side. Pick from two kinds of materials for your banner - Vinyl or Double White Popup with UV, depending on your requirement. Our products are printed on time with flexible order quantities of 1 to 100 X-Banner Stands per order and quick shipping options of 1-2 or 2-4 business days to provide you with the best printing services!Materials -Vinyl - The 13 oz. Standard Vinyl Banner material is extremely durable and sturdy. It is printed using fade-resistant UV ink and is also water-resistant. The material features a matte finish and can be easily cleaned up with water and a cloth.Double White Popup with UV - These durable materials have a low memory PVC and Polypropylene construction, making them curl and wrinkle-free. The printed colors look fantastic on this material, which has a thickness of 0.014 inches or 0.36mm. These materials also don’t require any additional lamination for protection.Standard Carrying Bag -The X-banner Stands come with a Standard Carrying Bag that houses the unassembled stand pieces and banner. This case features a padded inside for carrying your banner and its accompanying accessories without damaging them. The outside of the bag has a smooth and clean look with a zip enclosure that securely shuts all around. A comfortable handle to hold the case allows for easy carrying and transportation.Design Services -Avail Design Services for X-Banner Stands by adding it to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, very unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and deliver them to your doorstep!


How do the banners get attached to the stand?
The banners printed for X-Stands come with a metal grommet placed on each corner. These grommets are the perfect and easiest way for the hooks on the pole ends to securely attach themselves to the banner and stand straight and wrinkle-free for display.
What is the difference between X-Banner Stands and Retractable Banners?
While the purpose of these stands is the same, X-Banner Stands and Retractable Banners differ in the kind of stand they have. Retractable Banners come with a single aluminum base into which the banner can be retracted or drawn back, as well as pulled back up for display. On the other hand, an X-banner Stand is supported by three legs that fold out after setting up, taking up more floor space than Retractable Banners do.Another slight difference lies in the durability and stability of the banners. Due to their strong and sturdy aluminum base, Retractable Banners are sturdier than X-Banner stands but keep in mind they are also costlier.
Do you have different material options for the stand as well?
At the moment, our X-Banner Stands are only available in aluminum material. We have noted that aluminum is the sturdiest and best-suited material for all display purposes due to its lightweight and sturdy construction.
How should I set up my stand?
The stand comes in three pieces - the base and 2 poles. Fold the base stand out like you would an A-Frame Sign and set it in place. Place each pole in its respective hole on the base. Once securely done, attach the banner on the hooks of the poles with the grommets and you are done!
Is it possible to just print a banner for the stand, if I already have a stand from before?
Yes, that is easily possible. Our X-Banner Stands are available two sizes - 24” W x 63” H and 32” W x 71” H. You can get a Vinyl Banner printed in the size of the stand you have with grommets in the corners and replace your older advertisement for a new one!
Can X-Banner Stands be used outdoors?
X-Banner Stands are best used as indoor displays since they aren’t made to withstand harsh wind and rain. You can use them outdoors for a short period in normal and suitable weather conditions. If used outside for too long, they can fade due to harsh sunlight or get damaged and worn out with heavy rains and wind.If you are looking for large format print products like banners for outdoor use, look at our other products such as Vinyl Banner and Mesh Banners.
Is the X-Banner Stand adjustable and can it fit more than one size of banner?
Each X-Banner Stand is made to fit just one size of banner and is not adjustable. For instance, for the stand sized 24” W x 63” H, only a banner of the same size will fit. The stand is adjustable in the sense that the bottom anchor or leg can be moved to slide in place and make the banner taut.

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