Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners
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Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners

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  • Small-sized graphic display stand
  • Used at trade shows, retail stores, restaurants
  • Lightweight and durable design for easy transport
  • The banner retracts into the base when not in use

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Portable Tabletop Mini Retractable Banner Displays

Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners are a smaller version of Retractable Banners, but just as effective at promoting your products and services! These lightweight yet sturdy banner stands come with an aluminum display base with the banner bulled back or ‘retracted’ inside. You can easily pull it out and secure it in place, allowing you to get a custom small size display to showcase your promotions, everyday deals, new restaurant dishes, sales and discounts, happy hour menu, and more.

These smaller sized graphics make a great addition to any space, be it a restaurant, retail store, office building, cafe, spa, or salon. They can also be used at trade shows and corporate conventions to easily showcase your deals, offers, and promotions at your booth and other raised surfaces. Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners are best used when you have limited space and don’t have a lot of floor area to put up bigger banner stands. They are small enough to fit in your bag or briefcase making them convenient and portable, allowing you to easily transport them from one event to another. Seamlessly pull the banner back in and the stand looks like no more than a bar of aluminum! Even though they are small in size, they are still extremely effective at promoting your message and brand.

Use Case And Applications

  • Displayed on tabletops, desks, receptions, counters, and more at offices and other facilities.
  • Best used at conferences, trade shows, corporate events, client meetings, and educational fairs.
  • Rampantly used by medical facilities, restaurants, bars, spas, salons, and dental clinics.
  • They can be used to promote event information, menu items, products or services, logos and branding, instructions, and more.

Custom Tabletop Mini Retractable Banner Printing

Extremely portable and lightweight, these Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners are quick to set up, pack up, and store. With high resolution and vibrant printing for advertising products and services, these banners are perfect for any event setting. At Print Magic, get advanced printing processes, fade-resistant UV inks, and several customization options, allowing you to properly use these banners for promoting your products and services.These portable banner stands are the go-to option for businesses when they want quick and cost-effective printing. Print Magic offers 3 size options including 11.5" x 17.5”, 8.25" x 12”, and 15.75" x 32”. They come with a mini Deluxe Retractable Stand and the banner has full-color one side printing. You can personalize your product further by choosing the kind of material you want for the banner - Premium Indoor Vinyl or Double White Popup with UV. Our products are printed on time with flexible order quantities and quick shipping options to provide you with the best printing services!Materials -Premium Indoor Vinyl - The 10 mil. Premium Indoor Vinyl material is extremely durable and sturdy. It is printed using fade-resistant UV inks and is also water-resistant. The material features a glossy finish and can be easily cleaned up with water and a cloth.Double White Popup with UV - These durable materials have a low memory PVC and Polypropylene construction, making them curl and wrinkle-free. The printed colors look fantastic on this material, which has a thickness of 0.014 inches or 0.36mm. These materials also don’t require any additional lamination for protection.Design Services -Avail Design Services for your Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, completely unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and delivered to your doorstep!


How do I assemble my Tabletop Mini Retractable Banner?
Setting up a Tabletop Mini Retractable Banner barely takes up less than a minute. Start by joining the provided poles together and make them full length. Next, firmly insert the bottom part of the assembled pole into the assigned hole on the banner base. The banner is housed in the aluminum base, so next pull the banner out and securely attach it to the top of the pole. You will feel slight resistance when you pull it, which is why you must be careful and not jerk it out.
Are Retractable Banners and Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners the same?
Technically, yes. Both these banner stand types belong to the same family, but the main difference between them lies in the size and where they are kept. The Tabletop Mini Retractable Banner is a smaller version of Retractable Banners. The procedure of how the banners work is the same, and the base too is of the same material but smaller in size. While Retractable Banners are kept on the floor as large format displays, their small counterparts are kept on tabletops, receptions, desks, and other raised surfaces that are clearly visible to customers.
Can these tabletop banners be used indoors as well as outdoors?
Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners are best used as indoor displays since they aren’t made to withstand harsh wind and rain. You can use them outdoors for a short period in normal and suitable weather conditions.
What type of files should I upload when printing Tabletop Mini Retractable Banners?
The ideal file to upload would be a vector-based one to reduce low-resolution issues and get vivid and clear printing for your products. You can upload it in PDF, JPG, TIF, AI, PNG, or EPS. It is suggested you use images that are high resolution and are at least 200 dpi.
What kind of care do these banners require?
The most important aspect of maintaining the banner and stand is that you set it up and unassemble it properly, without pulling on the banner harshly. When not in use, keep it safely stored in a box and avoid keeping anything heavy on it. As for the banner, it can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains.
Will my Tabletop Mini Retractable Banner fade or get scratched easily?
When cared for properly and used in the recommended environment, your banner will stay as good as new for quite a few years. They are printed using UV inks that are fade-resistant and the base itself is made of sturdy aluminum that doesn’t scratch easily.

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