Retractable Banners
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Retractable Banners

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  • Durable aluminum frame and base
  • Economy, Deluxe, and Premium variants available
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble in minutes
  • Used at trade shows, malls, conferences, and in-store

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Retractable Banners For Effective Promotions

Retractable Banner Printing is the best way to display your promotions and advertisements on a large format product. Showcase your brand at corporate events, conferences, trade shows, and other important business gatherings or simply use them in-store to create a great promotional opportunity. Custom Retractable Banners let you add a unique touch and allow you to display your message in an easy to set up way. Retractable Banners also called Roll Up or Pull Up Banners, get their name due to the fact that the banner can be ‘retracted’ or pulled back into the stand for easy carrying and storage. It comes as a set of retractable banner, aluminum stand, and poles to set it up in place. It can be put together and unassembled within minutes when not in use, making these signages a lightweight, portable, and flexible option!

A convenient banner display, these Pull Up Banners are best used indoors to maintain their lifespan and not ruin or damage the banner material in any way. Though if you get a Vinyl Retractable Banner printed, you can use it outdoors for a short while as well in normal weather conditions. The unique retractable mechanism on these banners makes them the ultimate signage solution and a very popular choice for businesses of all sizes at a cost-effective rate.

Use Case And Applications

  • Popularly used at display booths, conferences, trade shows, restaurants, and malls.
  • They are the perfect tool for marketing and advertising products and services, new sales, deals, and more.
  • They make eye-catching point of purchase displays and entice more passersby.
  • Retractable Banners can be used as directional signages at offices, theaters, spas, stores, concerts, fairs, and more.

Adjustable And Versatile Retractable Banner Printing

At Print Magic, we offer three kinds of Retractable Banners with 1-sided or 2-sided printing and a variety of different sturdy stands. You can also customize your banner with size, material, and accessory choices depending on what you need. We deliver professional quality printing for all banners to ensure your custom signage shines at the next trade show event, in-store advertisement, or salon promotion!

Economy -

The Economy Retractable Banner comes with a sturdy aluminum base and attachable poles for assembling a banner sign that looks attractive and is effective at promoting to people passing by. The stabilizing base holds the banner that can be printed in a number of sizes and material options. You can also get a compatible padded carrying case and LED lights if needed.

Deluxe -

The Deluxe variant of our Retractable Banners features a more sophisticated base that is sturdier and broader for added stabilization. It doesn’t need any extra support to stand when assembled and the adjustable poles make a perfect backing to display your banner promotion clearly and neatly. You can get a great quality bag and additional lights with this as well. This Deluxe variant is the only one that comes with 2-sided printing.

Premium -

Premium Retractable Banner Printing offers an upgrade on Economy and Deluxe Banners with larger sizes and a premium quality carrying bag. Show off your brand on an extremely durable, sleek, and stealthy base that offers maximum stability and support. This extra-wide Premium banner type in sizes such as 60” x 92” also comes with two poles at the back for additional support.

Material -

Standard Vinyl Banner 13 oz. - The 13 oz. Standard Vinyl Banner material is extremely durable and sturdy. It is printed using fade-resistant UV ink and is also water-resistant. The material features a glossy finish and can be easily cleaned up with water and a cloth.

UV Polyster Fabric 8.85 oz. - The 8.85 oz. The UV Fabric material is made using polyester and printed with the dye-sublimation process. Unlike Vinyl Banners, these feature a matte finish, offering a subtle look. They can also be spot cleaned if any sort of dirt sticks to them.

Carrying Bag -

The Economy and Deluxe banners come with a Standard Carrying Case while the Premium Banner comes with a Premium Carrying Case.

  • Standard Carrying Case - This case features a padded inside for carrying your banner and its accompanying accessories without damaging them. The outside of the bag has a smooth and clean look with a zip enclosure that securely shuts all around. A comfortable handle to hold the case allows for easy carrying.
  • Premium Carrying Case - The Premium version of the case comes with a more durable frame that is rigid and strong. The case has specifically fitted slots and is compatible with just the Premium banners and stands. The case also accommodates the optional LED lights, in case you purchase them.

LED Lights -

Retractable Banners come with an additional accessory the can help shine a light on your banner design and advertisement! LED lights are the perfect way to put a spotlight on what you want to promote. When getting Retractable Banner Printing done with us, you have the option of buying one or two lights depending on the size of the banner. The LED light is convenient to use as it quickly attaches to the top of the banner and shines brightly!

Design Services -

Avail Design Services for your Retractable Banners by adding this service to the above calculator. Send us your required specifications and we’ll create the design from scratch, completely unique, and matching your needs and brand messaging. Once you approve the design, we will get them printed and delivered to your doorstep!


How should I set up a Retractable Banner?

Setting up your Retractable Banner is fairly easy and doesn’t require more than a couple of minutes. The only thing you need to assemble the banner is to remove all the parts from its carrying case and attaching them into place!

  1. Remove the stand, poles, and LED lights (if any) from the case.
  2. Join the poles together to make them full length.
  3. Firmly insert the bottom part of the assembled pole into the hole on the banner base.
  4. Steadily pull your banner out from the base and connect it to the support pole at the desired height.
  5. Secure the banner at the top of the pole and snap on your LED lights - your promotional banner is now completely set up!
How portable are Retractable Banners?

Retractable Banners are extremely portable and easy to use marketing accessories for every business, big or small. This is because they can be set up and unassembled as and when needed. When not in use, you can retract the banner into the base, take apart the poles, and store it in its carrying case. This also makes traveling with the banner much easier as the case has comfortable straps to hold.

Can you change the printed banner on the stand?

Switching out the old printed banner for a new one on the same stand is possible! Once you get a new one printed, we recommend a professional making the change for you as there are chances of damaging the banner.

When uploading my design, is there a specific file type I should use?

When printing large-size products, it is best to use vectorized files. It is suggested you use images that are high resolution and are at least 200 dpi.

What maintenance and care do Retractable Banners need?

The most important aspect of maintaining the banner and stand is that you set it up and unassemble it properly. When not in use, keep it safely in the carrying case along with the poles and LED lights. As for the banner, it can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains. To avoid any damage to the base, don’t keep anything heavy on it while kept in storage.

How long do these Roll Up Banners last?

The lifespan of Retractable Banners is around 5 years when properly used. You can definitely increase it by ensuring you give the banner and stand utmost care and keep it safe from any damage. They are both made using durable materials that are scratch-resistant while the print is also fade-resistant. The durable stand itself is made of strong aluminum and provides excellent stability.

Any tips on how to pull the banner out?

Retractable Banners can be pulled out and rolled back into the stand when needed, which means you need to be extra careful while doing this action. Do not tug on the banner with force or harshly pull it when setting it up as that can cause the banner to get snagged on something. Even while putting it back into the base, ensure caution as doing it fast may make it retract crookedly and damage the edges of the banner.

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