What is Raised Spot UV?

Raised Spot UV involves a special spot UV process where a layer of UV ink with a depth of 50 microns is applied to your artwork on a specified area of your design, thus giving that area a raised effect.

Raised SPOT UV Printing artwork guidelines.
  • Recommended UV coverage for artwork is less than 30%. Up to 70% coverage is acceptable only with patterns, thin strokes, or small shapes.
  • We do not recommend having fonts smaller than 9pt on the Raised SPOT UV Artwork.
  • The line strokes should be no less than 0.5 pt.
  • Use proper kerning between the text to avoid smudging of the clear coating.
  • When creating the mask file for fine details, cover it with the solid fills rather than just the design as is.
How to setup Mask files and prepare files for Raised Spot UV Printing?

When submitting files for print, Raised SPOT UV jobs need a ‘separate’ file also known as the “Mask” file which is in addition to standard CMYK artwork files. The ‘mask’ file reflects the area which will have the special print treatment. This is how you can prepare files for Raised SPOT UV printing:

Step 1: Identify the area(s) you want to apply the Raised Spot UV to.

Identify the areas (text/logo) from your standard CMYK artwork file.

Step 2: Prepare a separate mask file in Vector Format.

For each printed side that has Raised SPOT UV application, create a separate file with only Raised SPOT UV elements. The file will be black and white, where the black represents the areas of Raised SPOT UV application.

Note: The elements should be created in 100% black and as a vector format.

Step 3: Check alignment

You should practice and make sure that your artwork both the CMYK standard and mask file are aligned correctly.

Step 4: Saving the artwork files for submission

Save your artwork files with proper naming conventions, so that it is easy to identify which file is to be used for the printing process. For example, a Raised Spot UV job with Raised Spot UV application on both sides will have the following names:

  1. File-Name-Front-CMYK
  2. File-Name-Front-Mask
  3. File-Name-Back-CMYK
  4. File-Name-Back-Mask

Final Product

I do not have a Mask file. Can you create them for me?

Yes, we offer design services for mask file preparation. Contact Us or send us an email with your design files at contact@printmagic.com