What is RICH Black Color and how to set it up?
Rich black is a color combination that will produce a deep, dark, full black off the press. Almost any color combination can be considered a rich black if there are 100% black ink and at least 1% of at least one other CMY colors. Our recommended rich black combination is 60% Cyan, 40% magenta, 40% Yellow, 100% Black.
What is an artwork charge for promotional products?
An artwork charge for promotional products normally applies to all orders unless you send your entire imprint file in an acceptable file format. If you require only a small change in artwork — such as the addition of a website address or phone number — we will be glad to handle that at no charge. If you require a more complicated artwork change, a fee may apply. Complicated artwork may require an additional fee.
What is the maximum file size for artwork upload?

We allow upto 2GB files. However if you have Files larger that 2 GB, please write to us at contact@printmagic.com and we can share a secure FTP link for uploading your files for order processing.

Can I skip the artwork check process?
The standard art check process is a free service we provide to help ensure you receive the best possible finished product. The artwork department will review your proof for common technical problems. If they find a potential problem, they will place your job on hold. An automated email will be sent, and your account will show the hold status with an explanation of the problem(s). You will have the opportunity to reject the artwork and upload revised artwork or waive the hold status. Although you may not skip the art check process, you can our customer service department.
How long will you keep my artwork?
The Artwork is available for direct re-order on the site for 12 months. Some artwork is archived after 12 months. Please contact our customer service department if you are looking for artwork that is no longer available on the site.
What color do you accept?
For printing, we request you to share your artwork designed in CMYK color space, unless you have a special color requirement. If a Special color is required, please use PMS colors for the same. If you submit your artwork with RGB color space, our prepress proofing team with fix the colors to CMYK values. But, be advised that the RGB colors are used in the artwork there might be a shift in color while conversion from RGB to CMYK and you might not be satisfied with your job.
What should be the image resolution for my artwork?
For print products, the recommended minimum resolution is typically 300dpi. As a standard practice, the image resolution at 300 PPI, is considered the final printed size. While an image of low resolution 72 dpi can be printed and shipped to our clients, but the print quality will be pixelated and blurry. As a standard pre-flight quality check, our quality prepress team checks for Artwork files with Low-resolution and may put the printing "ON HOLD" to avoid such files (low-quality resolution files) from getting printed unless approved by the customer.
How do I set up my artwork for Bleeds?
Every artwork which has a Background Color or Image, and which needs to be all the way to the edges requires the file to be set up with bleeds. To get proper bleeds the Background Color or Image should extend beyond the cut size of the product, in order to keep the uniform look of the finished product.Please keep all the text and important images/logo at least 0.125” inside the cut-line.
How to setup artwork with Borders?
Have the borders of your artwork at least 0.125” thick and set up with proper bleeds so that when the final product is cut, there are no uneven borders on your product.