What if I want to print my job with more than 4 colors?
Offset printing uses 4-color inks, C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), K (Key or Black), also known as CMYK. The ink is applied in layers to produce the final colors. Like a painter’s palette, mixing the 4 inks can produce hundreds of thousands of colors. PMS or spot colors will be converted to the closest CMYK equivalent color during the proofing process.
What is the maximum file size for artwork upload?

We allow upto 2GB files. However if you have Files larger that 2 GB, please write to us at contact@printmagic.com and we can share a secure FTP link for uploading your files for order processing.

How do I get great color matching?
For critical colors, we always recommend that you order a hard copy proof for your print job. PrintMagic calibrates our presses every day to ensure consistent color reproduction. Although we accept RGB files that we mostly recommend converting your graphics to CMYK to set color expectations to what a printing press can produce. RGB images are assigned AdobeRGB unless tagged with a custom profile. CMYK files are always assigned Gracol2013.
What is a rich black color?
Rich black is a color combination that will produce a deep, dark, full black off the press. Almost any color combination can be considered a rich black if there are 100% black ink and at least 1% of at least one other CMY colors. Our recommended rich black combination is 60% Cyan, 40% magenta, 40% Yellow, 100% Black.
Can I skip the artwork check process?
The standard art check process is a free service we provide to help ensure you receive the best possible finished product. The artwork department will review your proof for common technical problems. If they find a potential problem, they will place your job on hold. An automated email will be sent, and your account will show the hold status with an explanation of the problem(s). You will have the opportunity to reject the artwork and upload revised artwork or waive the hold status. Although you may not skip the art check process, you can our customer service department.
How long will you keep my artwork?
Artwork is available for direct re-order on the site for 12 months. Some artwork is archived after 12 months. Please contact our customer service department if you are looking for artwork that is no longer available on the site.