How to set up Contour Cut files?
  1. Regular CMYK Artwork: Design the file with bleeds of 0.5” on all sides of your contour artwork shape. Extend the background color or image beyond the cut line by 0.5” on all sides.

Note: The bleed artwork will be trimmed and will not be a part of your finished product.

2. Contour Cut Mask File: This file indicates where your artwork will be cut.

  • This file should only consist of the Contour Cutline designed in 100% solid black (C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:100).
  • Cut Mask File should be designed in vector format. We do not accept cut mask files in raster format.
  • Your contour cut line should be a smooth fully closed path. No disconnected lines or open paths will cut.


  • Only one cut per order will be allowed. Please do not add multiple cuts in a single file.
  • Printmagic will not reprint any order attributed to improper file setup or layout.
How to set up Contour Cut files | PrintMagic