Custom Martini Glass

Find the right glass for one of the most classic cocktails: the martini. A basic addition to any home bar, martini glasses come in an array of sizes and shapes—helping to bring out the notes of your preferred libation. Enjoy the addition of garnishes. Be sure to keep a selection of large martini glasses on hand as well. Not only do their wider rimes keep favourites, such as stuffed olives and citrus rinds in place, they also make it easier to take in the scent of your drink. In addition, these bigger vessels are the ideal solution for minimizing spills at your next cocktail party. Another option: stemless martini glasses. Typically used to serve smaller servings of alcohol-based beverages, they also double as a way to present popular appetizers and other finger foods. Think layered parfaits and shrimp cocktails. Whether you prefer shaken or stirred, be sure to find a style of a martini glass that complements your aesthetic, too.

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Martini Glass

10 Oz. Martini Glass