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Safety Stickers

  • Easy to use for packaging
  • Creative way to add quality check details
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Hand Sanitizer

  • Ensure your product gets attention with custom Labels
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
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KN95 Face Mask

  • Anti-particulate filtration technology
  • Full coverage with adjustable nose clip
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Disposable 3 Layer Face Mask with Ear Loops

  • One size fits all, disposable product
  • 3-layer non-woven fabric for extra protection
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Pocket Menus

  • Share details on safe and alternative ways to order
  • Promote new deals and offers
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Waterproof Synthetic Menus

  • Menus used by restaurants, hospitality, coffee shops, bars and many more
  • Reusable, Waterproof and Washable Paper with Medical Grade Disinfectants
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Take out Menus

  • Advertise special menus and dishes to stay healthy during COVID-19
  • Send special coupons and deals

Wellness and Safety

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Warning Roll Labels

  • Warn people about the dangers of spreading infections
  • Easy to stick on mail, parcels, and other packages
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Safety Flyers

  • Share your response for COVID-19
  • Cost-effective to print and mail
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Waterproof Roll Labels

  • Oil, water, and tear-resistant
  • Long-lasting and durable
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Door Hanger

  • Reach customers without them leaving the house!
  • Add perforated coupons for future use

Reach Customers Safely

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Stay Safe Brochures

  • Stay Safe and Healthy Messaging
  • Send necessary safety measures provided by you
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Medical Envelopes

  • Send invoices, Medical Reports, and more
  • Customer Assurance of critical communications
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Delivery Postcards

  • Social Distancing Messaging
  • Reach customers at their door
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Return Address Labels

  • Custom address labels to let people recognize your package
  • Personalize with COVID-19 related information

Work from home kits for your staff

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Travel Mug

  • Work from home with your favorite beverage in a custom mug
  • Make a statement with creatively designed promotional products
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  • Ideal to take down notes when working from home
  • Easy to print product with high promotional value
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  • Represent your company in every video call
  • Available in several colors and styles
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  • Useful promotional product to send customers
  • Send enticing promotional products to show customers you care

Print Marketing Essentials During COVID-19

The novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has made a big impact on businesses around the world. With essential services still running tirelessly and companies trying to stay afloat through deliveries, reach your customers through print marketing! In a time when customers aren’t sure what is safe to bring into their homes, let them know you are working towards safely helping them out.

Use Flyers, Postcards, Brochures and more to educate and guide consumers on how to safely continue accessing your services. Whether you are in the restaurant and cafe business, a retail store that sells house essentials, or provide healthcare products and services, print products are the perfect solution to get your message out there.

With several Print Marketing essentials available at Print Magic, you can surely reach your customers and deliver any promotional or safety information you want to. We provide high-quality printing for all essential COVID-19 print materials and help you spread the word at an affordable cost!

Let people know you are open for business

With most businesses temporarily shut down during this critical time of COVID-19, if you are still working towards serving customers, let them know! It is important to get the word out and announce that you are open for business and what better way to do that than with easy to mail print products? Choose Print Magic to print Brochures, Postcards, Flyers to send promotional products that can shout your message out.

Use every delivery as a promotional opportunity

Since stores are shut down, delivery services are the biggest way to keeping running your business and keep in touch with customers. Whether you are a retail, food, or health-related business, use every delivery as a way to promote your brand and show your customers how you can help them more. Are you offering special delivery services or deals during this time? Let them know with a Flyer stuck to their parcel. Want to show your customers you care and want to help? Use enticing packaging to put a smile on their face or send out coupons for future use with Menus.

Assure your customers they can safely shop from you

The number one concern of every consumer right now is whether the things coming into their home are safe and virus free. Let your customers know it is safe to order from you and you are following every safety standard set by the CDC and WHO to make sure everyone can get their mail and deliveries without the chance of infections. Send out safety information and your response for COVID-19 with your packages, whether they are food, merchandise, or other deliveries by using Stickers and Labels to indicate quality checks.

Raise awareness about health and safety

During these trying times, let your customers know you are thinking about them. With tons of information out there, only send out details pertinent to your industry. Share details on safe and alternative ways to order from home during this time of self-isolation and print materials such as Postcards, Brochures, Flyersand more. Let people know the extra steps you are taking to ensure customer as well as employee safety.

Corona Virus Impact On Paper And Cardboard

Limiting your interaction with paper and cardboard at this time is nearly impossible as all essential deliveries, groceries, and your mail use these materials. So it is safe to send them?

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that the Corona Virus remains on cardboard surfaces for about 24 hours and after that no viable traces can be found.

When it comes to paper, research shown in The Journal of Hospital Infections says that the virus can stay on paper for 3 hours to 5 days, depending on the size of the product. Another study from The Lancet Global Health shows that no infectious virus was recovered from printing papers after being kept for 3 hours at 22°C and 65% relative humidity.

Print Magic also offers free downloadable templates to help you quickly design a custom print product that stands out!

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